Internet crashes frequently

  BingoBoy 22:01 21 Nov 2008

I have a Dell Dimension PC running XP Home. On a random basis the internet freezes and on a I get the message the internet connection had to end.

Any ideas why this is happening and any solutions preferably in non-tech speak please.

  lotvic 23:33 21 Nov 2008

Bit more detail may help us.
Who is your ISP and how do you connect, USB modem, router (state type), Broadband ADSL, wireless etc etc
Are you using IE, Firefox.
Is it XP, Vista?
What antivirus and spyware protection?
Has this just started and have you changed/installed anything? Has the computer got any other problems?
give as much detail as possible please

  ronalddonald 07:07 22 Nov 2008

your using the old dial up system i guess it would crash, Try changing your Internet Services Provider to 3 mobile, you get a dongle and its a lot easier to use.

  tullie 07:44 22 Nov 2008

Are you serious ronald?

  ened 07:56 22 Nov 2008

Which part do you have a problem with.

My elderly parent has been on about getting a dongle as the answer to his problems and I am interested to hear opinions.

3mobile or dongle or both?

  tullie 08:08 22 Nov 2008

Lets try and help this person solve the problem first before changing ISPs and using a dongle.We dont know what the poster is using,hence Lotvics question.

  ened 08:43 22 Nov 2008

Sorry - missed the point.

It might not be relevant now but years ago when I used to join isps by using their discs instead of manually creating a connection I had frequent crashes.

Belatedely I discovered that AOL software and Freeserve software created a conflict in the machine.

So BingoBoy have you perchance used an isp (Maybe as a trial) and not removed the software properly?

  lotvic 11:59 22 Nov 2008

Just realised one of my questions was superfluous as OP said 'running XP Home'

  BingoBoy 12:08 22 Nov 2008

I have broadband access via Virgin Media and this has been the same for years. I have not installed anything knowingly and I use Internet Explorer. The anti-virus protection, firewall etc is provided by NTL Netguard. It happens quite frequently on closing down where it freezes and eventually comes up with the message IE experienced a problem and had to shut dow and this is followed with do you want to send an error report. It can happen randomly if I have a number of tabs open.

Hope this helps.

  Pamy 12:15 22 Nov 2008

Send the error report and see if it comes up with anything, usually out of date drivers

  lotvic 15:26 22 Nov 2008

Run sfc /scannow (system file checker)

Disconnect from the internet
Close down NTL Netguard to stop it running

Got to Start > Run > and enter sfc /scannow in the box and click on OK

wait, it takes about 10-15 minutes

read about how to do it click here

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