Internet Cookies

  chaztait 18:07 21 Feb 2005

Are cookies good to keep or sould i delete them ever now and again?

  Buchan 35 18:12 21 Feb 2005

I clean my PC every evening at end of play. It`s entirely up to you whether or not you want to delete them. Some are OK, in fact a lot are OK, and it`s because I don`t know enough about them that I delete. I wipe my Temporary Internet Files clean of about 6 to 9 Mb of stuff and it has`nt harmed me since

  chaztait 18:15 21 Feb 2005

ok but do the cookies not store things like pictures from a website and when you go to the website again it load up faster??

  cycoze 18:21 21 Feb 2005

Pictures etc are stored in the temporary internet cache not in cookies, cookies contain the sites address and your preferences for viewing the site, ie: some forums will let you changes the background colour and font types, also what threads you have viewed etc, they can contain other bits and bobs but not pictures or any other content.

  chaztait 18:24 21 Feb 2005

or so should i keep them or delete them and the same with the temporary internet files?

  cycoze 18:24 21 Feb 2005

click here and click here will explain it better than i can.

  Completealias 18:34 21 Feb 2005

Entirely down 2 preference, for example when you log into this forum theres a box to tick to say remember my details. This is done via a cookie. Your temporary internet files as has been stated contains pics and pieces from websites.

Personally I clean out my temporary internet files everytime I come off line and my cookies once in a while

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 20:05 21 Feb 2005

If you want to manage your cookies try either Cookie Wall from click here or Cookie Jar from click here

I use Cookie Wall personally.

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