Internet connexion takes ages.

  gerriecah 18:34 28 Jun 2008

When I boot up XP it takes anytime up to 15 minutes for the computer to connect to the internet. The Networks Connection window indicates that there is a "Cable Unplugged" and there aint. Eventually it comes up with the dialogue "Acquiring ISP address" or something to that effect and after a couple of minutes it tells me it has connected. From then on it is flawless, until I boot up again.

What is the acceptable average time for a connexion to be made ??

By the way the Started programs are Zone Alarm, AVG, and mst defrag. But as these are supposedly non intrusive proggies they should not make all that holdup??

The connections are made thru a Safecom ADSL Modem Router, and Ethernet card installed


  birdface 18:55 28 Jun 2008

Make sure AVG is not doing a scan at start up.

  gerriecah 19:00 28 Jun 2008

No, AVG is set for scanning at late hour, checked that out, Zone Alarm only scans when I request it to, and mst is normally up to scratch, so quiet.

Thanks for your assistance


  birdface 19:05 28 Jun 2008

Have you tried .Right click my manager.IDE Atapi controllers.and click on the plus sign.Double click primary IDE channel.Advanced settings.And make sure it is set to DMA and not should show as DMA Mode 5.Do the same with secondary IDE channel.

  birdface 19:08 28 Jun 2008

Zone Alarm.When you request it to.Is it the one with the Anti-Virus on it.You don't have 2 anti-virus programs do you.

  gerriecah 19:04 29 Jun 2008

Thanks for your response, will note the procedure for future use, if needed.

I got to the point where I could not get a connexion at all, so I tried System Restore several times but got no better result, SO I Formatted the partition and re-installed XP. Connexion now was immediate, so it appears that I have for now resolved the problem. I say for now because this is the first time I have booted up since re-installing, what happens next boot up is to be seen.

Many thanks for your assistance to All who responded.



  gerriecah 19:23 02 Jul 2008

What happened on the next boot-up was back to square-1. I could not get online at all.I tried re-installing the drivers for the card and for the modem, and tried resetting the modem back to factory settings. But NO GO. So the next move was a complete new Format and Install. I even tried W2k but got the same result. So swiped the lot and re-installed XP, and Firefox, then by method of elimination, replaced all cables, one by one, also the phone splitter. Then the modem, installed a new wireless modem that I had, and set it up. Bingo !! Perfect action, instantaneous connection and faultless boot-ups. Working perfectly.

The annoying point is that the modem indicator lights were all working as they should do, showing that the modem was working.

So the problem is now resolved. Many thanks to ALL who responded with assistance.


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