Internet connects OK, but no data received.

  NinkyRudes 22:23 11 Jan 2004

I wonder if anyone can help. I live in a house with 2 PCs using old-fashioned dial-up connections. One is a Time 2600XP, using anytime dial-up, and PC no. 2 is a homemade Pentium III, which has up until now provided excellent connections using freeserve/100mph dial-up. Bot use internal PCI modems.

However in the last couple of weeks, the connections on PC no. 2 have regularly failed during authentication, and often the connection is established, but little or no data is received. Sometimes I get a decent connection of 26.6-36kbps, which often fails after a couple of hours. I live in a school, which doesn't help matters, as the phone system passes through an intercom system with many extensions, and this is not provided or maintained by BT. Also, both PCs are connected using 10m extension cables, but both are straight, and the Time has very few problems connecting, albeit with a top speed of 36kbps using a 56k modem.

I have thus far established that the modem on PC no. 2 is unlikely to be the problem, as I replaced it with an expensive Tornado one. This managed to connect first time at a healthy 38kbps, but stopped receiving data after about 15 mins, and has since been connecting, but not receiving much data at all. If it helps, I popped a Tiscali CD in the other day, and having installed all the relevant data, it failed to receive any data in order for me to sign up. As far as I know, nothing has changed on the phone system, and the PC is exactly as it was before the problem started, albeit with a new modem.

If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated, and if any more info on system set up is required, I would be glad to post it.

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