Internet connection's Repair Function.

  birdface 20:20 14 Oct 2006

Hi, Have been getting cut off from the internet quite often lately, When I go into ,Internet connections, And then press the repair button,A Box Appears with, Windows could not finish repairing problem, Following action cannot be completed, , Clearing the DNS Cache, Anybody any Idea how to solve it, Almost forgot,Once you press the repair button all the other parts work ok, And it will connect to the internet, Even with this problem showing,

  Technotiger 20:32 14 Oct 2006

Hi, how do you normally connect to the Internet? Is it for instance via a Router, if so then you could try disconnecting the Power to the Router, wait 10 seconds, then reconnect the Power. This would reset the Router.


  GaT7 20:33 14 Oct 2006
  birdface 20:55 14 Oct 2006

I Connect through cable modem.Yes same with modem, They tell you to disconect it for 10 sec's and turn it on again.Actually just going to try it again, See if it gets rid of warning box. No Still get same warning,Crossbow, Afraid your's did not work either.

  postie24 20:57 14 Oct 2006

Hi there,go to control panel,admin tools,component services,services(local) make sure the dns client is not turned off.Change it to auto afterwards

  ed-0 21:00 14 Oct 2006

I was just going to post your thread postie24 click here lol

  postie24 21:06 14 Oct 2006

Beat you to it by 3 mins ed-0,lol

  birdface 21:16 14 Oct 2006

Hi Postie, It was set to manual, Changed it to auto, But no difference.

  ed-0 21:18 14 Oct 2006

Yes, but I had to search through my postings.;-)

  postie24 21:33 14 Oct 2006

Was it switched off buteman?

  postie24 21:37 14 Oct 2006

Make sure the dns client is started and running buteman

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