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  Shank 17:04 17 Mar 2006

When I am browsing the web, sometimes I can put an address in in the page will not display until I press refresh. I can then be happily surfing away and then the same thing happens, and I have to press refresh again. It isn't any specific address either. I am using AOL version 9 via broadband. Please help!!

  kinger 21:36 17 Mar 2006

Are you using Win XP?

  Shank 21:44 17 Mar 2006

Yes I am using XP

  kinger 22:06 17 Mar 2006

Go to Tools, Internet Options, Temporary Interntet Files and delete Cookies and then Files.

Close browser and try again.

  kinger 22:08 17 Mar 2006

I haven't got AOL 9 so the procedure may be slightly different to delete temp files.

That will elliminate one possible cause.

  Mr Beeline 22:12 17 Mar 2006

Take care deleting cookies, as there might be some info for certain sites that you don't want to loose (EG. STEAM stores certain info in a cookie regarding your O/L STEAM account).

  Shank 12:38 19 Mar 2006

I have tried all the usual deleing cookies, file and temp internet files - all to no avail. It is a problem with AOL? Should I change my ISP or will it still be the same with the others?

  Mr Beeline 17:02 21 Mar 2006

Questions... Probably things you've thought of, but...

Has it always done this? Have you upgraded to broadband recently? Have you upgraded AOL browser recently?

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