Internet connection using a laptop

  Tefal 17:20 02 May 2003

Hi folks

Can someone advise me please. I have a BT anytime connection on my PC at home. Can I legally use the same connection using a Laptop when I am away from home. My job entails me travelling around the sothwest and would like to be able to connect to the net anywhere (in the UK) and at anytime.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.


  igram 17:54 02 May 2003

Tefal, I don't think so. BT use CLI (caller line identification) to trace the telephone number from which the call comes from. If its not your home then you will not be able to connect

  wee eddie 18:19 02 May 2003

I am afraid that you will have to pay your host's telephone bill.

I have "Bt openworld anytime" on my laptop only, as I thought I would be able to connect from wherever I was, at no expense to my host. I have only tried once and gave up as I could not establish a connection.

There is a previous thread here which tells ypou how to connect using a local call number, but on your host's telephone bill. This is not a sign of great competance that BT are unable to identify a client and make their connection at the contracted price.

  helcat 20:12 02 May 2003

I have a laptop and use Tiscali Off Peak at home but when connecting to the net away from my home phone I have to use their pay as you go dial-up number.

  mrdsgs 21:45 02 May 2003


So long as you are using a BT line and you are not attempting to accces the internet on both your laptop and a pc at the same time from different locations (ie 2 simultaneous connections) you are doing nothing wrong.

Think about it, if you move house would you reapply to BT for a second BT anytime account?

I use pc at home and one at work and by definition can't be in 2 places at on time. I have had the BT anytime dial-up account for 2 years and never had a problem

(but would love to live in a broadband area!!!)

  Tefal 16:05 03 May 2003

Thank you all for your input.


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