internet connection stops responding

  Head hurts 10:42 25 Nov 2004

windows xp with sp2 connexant modem with dial up firenet isp adaware, spybot, spywareblaster, tweakmaster trial version and onspeed. so i am connected and working away when suddenly web pages stop responding and onspeed notifies me that it cannot connect a ping signal shows all packets lost or 3 out of 4 sent the internet connection still shows connected with speeds around 40kps. as far as i know i have no spyware as i am fully up to date with downloads and have norton antivirus and firewall 2005 version. isp says all should be ok and i have deleted connections and reinstalled but it still suddenly stops responding. this will happen around 2 to 3 times a week so mostly i work away quite well with good speeds. this was happening prior to installation of onspeed, tweakmaster and norton internet security 2005. can anyone suggest where i should be looking or do you think it is the isp. any help appreciated.

  JIM 11:36 25 Nov 2004

As you feel your system is ok and the connection software and phone number to isp also,i would be inclined to ask for a line check from BT.A dial up connection can cut of for the simplist of reasons,even a phone call.Check to see if 1571 is cleared of answer messages before going on line, check for line noise as such.

Using onspeed, tweakmaster or any netbooster type of sofware can cause problems if settings are pushed to far,but your saying thats not the case.

Dont know if you can get broadband in your area but for not much more than a dial up connection these day there is a goood choice around.Makes a huge difference for connection and your surfing.

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