Internet Connection Sharing in XP, with Norton :E

  GibsonSt19 23:52 10 Jul 2004

Evening people,

I've FINALLY managed to get Internet Connection Sharing sorted (after a LOT of hasstle), however can only browse the net on the client PC when the hosts firewall (NIS) is disabled (which is just not good.

I've added the clients IP to the allowed list in Norton, however this seems to make no difference.

Can anyone help, explain, or point me in the right direction?

Thanks lots!

  mosie 00:09 11 Jul 2004


Make sure sure you run the network connection wizard on both machines. Windows usually makes a network connection bridge which allows the 2nd Pc to access the internet. You can run the trusted IP's again in Norton once ICS is running

Good luck


  GibsonSt19 00:24 11 Jul 2004

However I have Internet Connection Sharing working already, however I just can't get Norton Internet Security to allow the client to browse the net (and the net only; file and printer sharing still works) without Internet Security being disabled.

Any ideas?

  GibsonSt19 14:59 11 Jul 2004

Still stuck guys and gals, can you help?

  GibsonSt19 22:01 11 Jul 2004


  Gaz W 01:22 12 Jul 2004

The IP address of the client PC is assigned dynamically, i.e. it's not a static one. This means that putting in an IP address for the client won't always work. On my firewall (ZoneAlarm) I can put in an IP range, which in my case is all the way up to

It might be that anyway - it's worth a try. I don't know how you would do that in Norton, but I'm sure you won't have to enter each individual IP address separately!

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