Internet connection - script errors over ADSL ?

  Chris69 17:24 26 Aug 2007


I'm grateful for suggestions made in response to my recent other posting, but having now done some more detective work I'd appreciate any further help anyone can offer.

To recap, all of a sudden I started to experience the following problems on my desktop computer (with Alice/Tiscali ADSL connection), for no apparent reason :

1. When sending e-mails via Outlook, some will send OK (mainly smaller ones) but most hang part way and won't send ("ISP disconnected" error messages)

2. When I try to log on to a number of websites they don't function properly (e.g. with my Google account, most of the page loads fine - but with no Log In box appearing. When I open the Firefox error console it says "Expected ':' but found '='. Declaration dropped https:// ...").

3. When I try to upload to a number of websites that I use regularly, the upload won't go (e.g. uploading revised content to an advert, or revised availability to another advert)

Above problems same with IE and Firefox.

However, all the above work fine on my desktop if I use a dial-up internet connection. As soon as I revert to my ADSL connection thay all continue to occur.

BUT my ADSL connection seems to be OK because if I use my laptop to connect through the ADSL connection, none of the above problems occur.

So it seems to be something specific between my desktop and the ADSL connection.

I've :
1. Run Norton Antivirus (and WinDoctor,1-button check-up and DiscDoctor), Ad-Aware, SpyBot - and found nothing

2. Reinstalled the ADLS software on the desktop with no change

Is it something to do with the way my desktop has started handling scripts ? I've read that this can affect both loading of web pages and Outlook functioning ?

And/or could it be caused by a problem in my Norton Personal Firewall ?

I'm running Windows XP.

Any ideas welcome !!


  brundle 17:41 26 Aug 2007

Check MTU settings for your ADSL connection; click here

Try DialAFix to repair several important components of IE/OE; click here

A link to your previous post would be useful

  lotvic 23:03 26 Aug 2007

other thread click here

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