Internet Connection Problems...

  woodbexhill 15:41 21 Mar 2003

I have downloaded, 200mb's of the latest FPS MP demo - Devastation.

Its installed fine, and I can host my own local server. But when I click 'refresh', to list the available servers to connect to - nothing appears.

When I attempt to run a dedicated server, it opens a DOS Window, 'runs' the server then says it failed to connect to the master server.

Now, I know this isn't a support forum for this game in particular but because no-one who has downloaded this demo has the same problem, I am enclined to think there is something wrong with my Internet connection.

Why will it not connect to the server?

If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated.


ps. I have no firewall running nor the Windows XP Firewall running.

  woodbexhill 16:21 21 Mar 2003


btw..I have noticed that when I try and log into gamespy, it says there is no account registered on my email address, but if I try on my laptop it detects the account.

Also..I can't register a new account on this PC, it says Page Cannot be displayed, also the same happens with Hotmail, when I try to read my messages it doesn't work on this PC, but is fine on laptop.

Wassup? :(((

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