Internet connection problems

  MICKY BOY 11:36 25 Feb 2007

Hi All,

Have just up graded my internet connection with Orange. To live Box. What a performance as the installation CD they send does not work with XP very well. After spending a fortune on phone calls to their help line to connect manually. I have the following problems.
When I start Windows it automatically connects to the internet. How can I stop this?
Also when I go to start – programs. I have no connection icon showing on the screen. How can I fix this?
It also shows I am connected at a speed of 100.0 Mbps what does this equate to in Mb’s
I would appreciate any help as if I phone Orange again I might have to take out a bank loan.



is the connection in your startup folder? to show when connected go to start menu, control panel, network connections then right click scroll to properties then check the box "show icon in notification area when connected" the speed of 100.0 mbps is correct this is the speed of the lan

  MICKY BOY 12:55 25 Feb 2007

Thank you for your response I have the icons in the task bar showing two flashing computers. But I used to have my connections shown in the start up.
How can I stop the computer automatically connecting to the internet on start up?


  Stuartli 13:01 25 Feb 2007

The 100MB figure is the maximum potential speed.

From IE or Control Panel's Internet Options>Connections tab you should try Enabling "Never Dial A Connection."

  MICKY BOY 13:18 25 Feb 2007

"Never Dial A Connection." Is greyed out I have not got that option


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:39 25 Feb 2007

You are connected to the livebox via an ethernet cable (red ends) whenever the PC boots you will be connected to the router which is always on.
Therefore you do not need a shortcut in the start menu.

100Mbps is the speed at which the PC connects to the livebox not the speed of your livebox to internet connection (2 - 8Mbps)

  MICKY BOY 15:51 25 Feb 2007

Fruit Bat /\0/Thanks for your advice I have had problems again and could not even get onto the internet. My phone bill because of Orange and their overseas helpline!!! If you know what I mean.
In the end sorted myself after nearly 45minutes on the phone to Orange and at the end of it they did not even sort it.

Can I not stop the computer from going on the internet as soon as it starts up?


  whym 16:03 25 Feb 2007

could you not simply disconnect the Livebox from the phone line when you don't want to use it? (or unplug it and only plug it in when you need it?) I just thought a bit of comon sense might help?

  Dipso 16:14 25 Feb 2007

Does your browser load up automatically on start up or is it just that you see the 2 flashing computers? If the latter, your PC is not connected to the internet, only your Livebox, this is what is supposed to happen as when using a router you have an "always-on" connection. You have to launch your browser, Internet Explorer or whatever you use to connect to the net.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:19 25 Feb 2007

Can I not stop the computer from going on the internet as soon as it starts up?

Yes right click on the lan conection (two TVs) click disable then just click enable when you want to reconnect.

However an "always on" connection is useful for allowing programs to auto update and collect information as you are sing your PC. e.g. music program will recgnise a CD from internet database when you insert in the drive.

Using a PC with an always on connection is a different experience from using one that dials up (even BB dial up modems), just make sur your firewall is working correctly, there is one in the router but an additional software firewall stops unwanted programs from acessing the net.

  MICKY BOY 16:24 25 Feb 2007

Thanks for your advice the latter is the case.
My browser only loads when I click on it.
All I am worried about is my computer at risk from attack if Live Box is connected all the time?


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