Internet connection problems

  orlandogreenback 22:57 11 May 2004

Hi guys; have had this problem since before christmas and thought I'd narrowed it down to hardware probs. Anyway, long story short I rebuilt the machine from almost scratch and am still having this problem; when I dial up after the initial dial up sounds i get a second burst exactly the same in the place where I should be getting a click sound for succesful connection. The PC connects after this second burst, but at speeds as low as 24k all the way up to the occasional 45.2k (this is very rare.) The session is the punctuated by periods of complete inactivity by the connection, ie nothing is being received or sent even when a page is loading; disconnection is a regular occurence, sometimes after as little as ten seconds. This has happened with both 98SE and XP; everything is working properly, I've tried it with firewalls off and every setting the modem has. reports no notable problems in general with the service and I've used BTs automated line tester to no avail. Should I go back to them and ask for a deeper examination? Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated.

  georgemac 07:19 12 May 2004

are you sure you are using the correct modem driver and is it the most up to date?

  mgmcc 07:40 12 May 2004

If it wasn't for the period of time involved, during which you will have received at least one phone bill, I would be suspicious of a "premium rate dialler" taking over the connection as soon as the initial conection has been established.

You could have a look at the modem log files for any indication as to why it dials again.

When you 'rebuilt' the machine, did you replace the modem?

  orlandogreenback 18:02 12 May 2004

with a spanking new Creative one. The only original pieces from the old computer are the HDD (reformatted for the move to XP) and the sound card. I'm using the drivers I got with the new modem. (Drivers also wouldn't explain the problem occurring over 2 modems, would it?)
Had no erroneous bills. I've tested phone cable, cable adaptors, the works. I'm just completely flummoxed.

  mgmcc 19:07 12 May 2004

It might be interesting to try dialling a different ISP (just sign up to a p-a-y-g ISP such as FreeUK click here who have a good support page with all the details) or try connecting with Virgin's STD number (useful for inclusive minutes on mobile phones!) 01483 881766

  georgemac 07:18 13 May 2004

I agree - if 2 modems have the same symptoms, and your line checks out OK, try another ISP.

I would have suspected that your phone line had been fitted with a dacs unit by bt due to the 24K connection speed (this splits the line in 2 to allow the use of 2 numbers on the same phone line - not always for the same customer!) but the occassional 45K speed would suggest that this is not the case. It might be worth calling them and asking though.

I have also read that if the line has a dacs, they will not remove it to increase internet speed, but if you order caller display, normally available on a free trial, the dacs has to be removed, but I have never seen this confirmed.

  orlandogreenback 16:38 13 May 2004

the details of firefly uk's PAYG service, so will see how that works out tonight. Thanks for now people.

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