internet connection problem

  carnoustiejim 11:21 15 Apr 2009

hi my problem is my internet connection is good during the day but not si good at night i have been onto isp (talktalk) several times
after phone call its alright again till next night they sent me an installation disc to use when problem occurs but it still exists
checked for spyware etc clean i use a netgear router dg834g ver.3 o/s win xp can you help me solve this problem i live near the exchange
do i need microfilters attached to both my pc and laptop thanks kirriejim

  SB23 11:25 15 Apr 2009

To the best of my knowledge, filters are only connected to phones, fax machines and the like, not to the line to your pc.

  Clapton is God 11:28 15 Apr 2009

Define "not si good".

If you mean it's slower at night than in the day, that's pretty normal.

A lot will depend on your local contention ratios but, if a lot of people are coming home from work and jumping on the internet, that's going to slow things down somewhat.

"do i need microfilters attached to both my pc and laptop".

No, you need a microfilter attached to every phone socket which has a phone, fax or Sky box attached to it.

  baldydave 11:32 15 Apr 2009

you should have a filter on every phone socket that has something connected to it eg second phone,sky box etc.
Your slow down could be there are more people online at night and isps use traffic management which can cause slow downs.
As long as you router has a filter this is ok for the pc and laptop if connecting wireless or by cable to the router.

  carnoustiejim 18:36 15 Apr 2009

thanks for all advice kirriejim

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