Internet connection problem...

  algernonymous 23:17 23 Jan 2008

My internet connection can be fine for hours, then it will cut out every five minutes, as it is doing now.
I usually have MSN messenger running too and it would seem its this that cuts out (as I get the Messenger 'Connection Troubleshooter' box come up - with a DNS problem, which it repairs and then all is OK again) and takes Internet Explorer with it.
I have just had the message 'MSN Messenger has encountered a problem and needs to close'
and with Messenger not running, everything seems to be fine. I read on another thread that the first thing to try is to uninstall/reinstall
Messenger, but if I do this, could someone reassure me I won't lose all my contacts and that they are safely stored on the MS servers?


  brundle 23:35 23 Jan 2008

The `fix` is a byproduct of MSN Messenger's repair sequence, which includes release/renew of your IP address in the same way clicking Repair when you are in the Network Connections/Properties dialogue box for your particular internet connection will take the same steps. So, Messenger is not the issue. And no, you won't lose any contacts due to a dropped connection.

How are you connected to the 'net? Wireless, ADSL, cable, dial-up?

  algernonymous 01:26 24 Jan 2008

Well, now you're asking...
Its a cable to a Homeplug, then the homeplug downstairs goes into a router, then into a broadband cable modem, then out to the big wide world.

  birdface 08:19 24 Jan 2008

You could try.Control Panel.Administrative tools.Services.And scroll down to DNS Client and make sure it is set to automatic.

  algernonymous 15:49 24 Jan 2008

Thanks, I looked, but it is set to Automatic.

At the moment all is OK again, but this morning I could not get Internet Explorer to connect, just got the 'Cannot display webpage' error message, yet when I looked at 'Local Area Connection Status' in 'Network Connections' it showed there was a connection.

  birdface 17:14 24 Jan 2008

What Firewall and a/virus have you got running.What happens when you press Repair when in local area connection.does it come up with a fault.Or try turning your add-ons off and see if it works ok then.Now I get that now and again,it is usually a bad ISP signal[Not with Virgin are you]All I do is run a couple of speed tests,The 1st is slow the 2nd quicker and the 3rd normally back to proper speed.Then it works ok.

  algernonymous 18:27 24 Jan 2008

Windows firewall, AVG a/v.

No fault when pressing Repair,

Yes, Virgin...!

Last night while I had problems with the 'upstairs' PC, the 'downstairs' one was fine. However this morning neither one would display homepages yet both showed 'connected' on Connection Status. Rebooting the modem seemed to fix the problem.

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