Internet Connection Problem...

  Dan_Bell 21:55 26 Sep 2007

so i've moved into student accomodation halls for university, and they provide the internet...

i went down, received the CD, put it into my computer... went through everything, installed it.. and the net worked... BUT...

at the time i was using internet explorer... and after like a minute of browsing, it would pop up saying runtime error and has to terminate... and it will keep on doing it when i keep restarting the IE, so i downloaded firefox to see any difference... and now, when i'll get like 40 mins of browsing max... could be 5 mins to 40 mins... it varies... but the internet always cuts off.

everybody else's net is fine, ive contacted the net provider and they tried to help but didnt make much difference...

can anyone help??

  STREETWORK 22:04 26 Sep 2007

Here you go.

Worked for me.

click here


  Dan_Bell 22:20 26 Sep 2007

tried that before, didn't work!

plus i'm using firefox now... and it doesn't pop up telling me anything or nothing. Just in the bottom right corner, the two monitor screen icons just stop flashing and an explanation mark in a yellow triangle appears... and i cant use the net again, until i restart the computer...

  birdface 09:10 27 Sep 2007

Try.Control Panel.Administrative Tools.Services.And scroll down to DNS Client.Make sure that it is set to automatic.Or network connections.Right click Local area connection and press repair.See if there is any faults.

  Dan_Bell 17:47 28 Sep 2007

hasnt worked :(

  STREETWORK 17:57 28 Sep 2007


Now you could try and reinstall the drivers for the hardware used to connect to the network, How do you connect, wired or wireless...

  Dan_Bell 18:32 28 Sep 2007


if i had to uninstall the drivers, would i need a disc to re-install it?

  birdface 11:43 29 Sep 2007

Normally when you uninstall the drivers,When you reboot the computer Microsoft will reinstall the drivers automatically.

  birdface 11:49 29 Sep 2007
  brundle 11:53 29 Sep 2007

What happens? Do you lose web pages access? Can you send and receive emails via an Email client, or download - anything that requires a connection, but not a browser - even ping a known site from a cmd prompt. If you lose internet but still have a connection rule out network device drivers. Does the network cable disconnected message appear?

  Dan_Bell 12:19 29 Sep 2007

what happens is... in the bottom right corner, the monitors will appear with a yellow triangle with an explanation mark in the middle, and then any messengers will cut off, downloads will stop, web pages say cannot be display... and when this happens, ill restart the computer and it works again... untill it cuts off, then i restart etc...

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