Internet connection password Query

  jakimo 13:05 22 May 2007

I only have one password,with the Internet connection box displaying the correct a\c name & isp phone number, my encoded password (set to remember) is showing 16 asterisks instead of 12, when changed to 12 it reverts back to 16 the next time I make a connection

A connection can be made using either setting,but can anyone advise on how I can identify and remove the unknown 16 digit password

  Totally-braindead 13:18 22 May 2007

There might not be a 16 digit password. Many things because of security add in extra asterisks. Its just meant to make it a little bit harder for someone to guess your password thats all.
There isn't a second longer password there is just one, windows does this deliberatly.
Just ignore it.

  Jak_1 14:06 22 May 2007

Totally-braindead is correct, XP does this deliberatly as a security measure.

  yaesu 16:04 22 May 2007

Thanks folks, at last someone has answered a query I've had fo ages but never posted. BT (my ISP) didn't have an answer! Everything worked and scans turned up clear so just accepted it. yaesu

  jakimo 11:22 24 May 2007

Thanks all for clearing up my query,I should have mentioned that I had just upgraded WinMe to XP (better late than never)

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