internet connection - the no. you have dialed ....

  Confused! 21:52 09 Feb 2003

has not been recognised.
Still trying to get my Mum connected. Not sure of the computer spec but is running Windows 98 and I am trying to connect to Tiscali. External modem - Robotics something or other. I can dial with the telephone and get a connection but as soon as I ask the modem to dial the same no. I get the BT recorded message - the no you have dialled has not been recognised, please check and dial again. Any ideas?

  Djohn 22:30 09 Feb 2003

When you dial the no. by phone and get connected, what do you hear then?

  Confused! 22:40 09 Feb 2003

the 'usual' pings and crackles - no voice saying the no I have dialed has not been recognised.

  oneMegaBit 22:44 09 Feb 2003

could check connection settings to see if your dialling a prefix number by default rather than just dialling the number normally

  Lú-tzé 22:51 09 Feb 2003

Or do you have some setup with 1470 being dialled with the pc? Maybe the phone dials it automatically and the modem needs to dial it also. Just a thought...

Go into the telephony applet in the control panel and see what it details there.

  LastChip 23:00 09 Feb 2003

If you go into Dial Up Networking, and select Properties on your ISP icon, take a look at how the telephone number is configured.

You can try two methods.

1. Make sure the "Dial Area Code" box is unchecked, and enter the whole telephone number as one string in the "Number box". So if it's an 0845 number you are using, it would be; 0845******. (The area code box should be clear).

2. The opposite. Check the box and divide the number into it's two component parts (0845 ******).

I've had success using both methods, but for some reason, one method will work for one machine and not on another!

  jazzypop 23:01 09 Feb 2003

Try inserting two commas (,,) after the 0845 or 0800 or 0808 part of the number. This will cause the modem to pause, before continuing to dial the rest of the number.

Also, ensure that 'wait for dial tone before dialling' is enabled. This will remove the possibility of the modem dialling the first digit or 3 before the phone line is initialised.

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