Internet connection keeps stalling

  Chris_c 01:00 25 Apr 2004

I'm having a problem with my internet connection, every so often it just stops working. The icon is still there in the tray, and no programs give any error messages, they just wait for about a minute and then continue as if nothing had happened. I've tried reinstalling IE, the modem drivers,and have even reinstalled windows since (for a different problem though) but it still happens. I can't think why it might be doing this. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Chris

  Giggle n' Bits 01:15 25 Apr 2004

maybe they are doing maintanance work or they have a server problem. You don't say who your ISP is with and how long you have been having the problem.

Also a poor connection can cause this, do you have a lot of extentions, adapters or noise on your line when talking to people by phone.

  Chris_c 01:27 25 Apr 2004

My ISP is Demon, I've just checked their site and according to them all their services are running perfectly. This problem only appeared within the last week, before that it was fine. The phone line works fine as well. I've emailed Demon and am waiting on a reply...

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