Internet Connection keeps falling over

  LewisGordon 10:39 17 Sep 2009

Hi folks - I wonder if anyone could help me with a problem I've been stumped by?

In the aftermath of a problem we have overcome, but not really understood, I have got a strange connectivity problem. Our internet connection failed completely a week back, and after replacing modem with an identical unit, and re-installing our account with TalkTalk with their connection software, we got our internet back on the main PC (connected to the modem via USB). However, we then found that our wireless router connected to the modem wasn't broadcasting.

We replaced it with the wireless router that I had from a previous address. This we have found to work fine also, so that a laptop we have, links to the wireless network from the router without a problem.

My problem is that a third compueter connects without difficulty, but within just a few seconds the connection fails.

So, I have two computers that no longer have a problem connecting to the internet, one linked by USB to the modem, the other via a wireless router. But I have a third computer that has a connection that has to be continuously re-made.

Interestingly, it never disconnects during the download of content, as demonstrated by always being able to stream video clips without disconnection.

The 'problem' computer is running Windows XP 2002 (home edition), SP3. Windows Firewall, and AVG Free anti-virus. I also have Adaware Anniversary Edition running AdWatch Live - this is all the same as before we had any problems. (Turning off the AV software and/or Windows Firewall doesn't make any difference).

The Modem is an MT882 (from TalkTalk, our ISP), the Wireless Router is a Netgear WGT624 v3. The Wireless card on my PC is also Netgear - WG311 PCI Adapter.

Any thoughts?

  nob14 14:03 17 Sep 2009

have you tried disconnecting and then search for networks and connect again.

  LewisGordon 11:47 18 Sep 2009

Hi nob14. Yes - it's what I have to do to re-connect.

The computer has no trouble finding and connecting to the network. It just falls off a few seconds later.

  nob14 13:20 18 Sep 2009

have you tried giving it a static IP address. Is it lost from the router when it goes? Look in it and see what MACs are connecter.

  LewisGordon 15:28 18 Sep 2009

I don't know how to give it (the PC?) a static IP address - for all I know it has one. Is what lost from the router? Look in what, to find what?

Sorry - that's all beyond me. Can you explain like I'm a dummy? (I am).

  LewisGordon 21:46 29 Sep 2009

Just one bump for this. The key to this does seem to be about the connection being idle or not.

When I have, say, an internet radio station running in the background, the connection remains. But if I stop streaming the radio station, the connection fails within a few seconds.

Any clues?

  ambra4 15:04 01 Oct 2009

Check these setting on the wireless card

Right click on Wireless Icon in the task bar

Click Status – General - Properties

Click Wireless Network Tab – In the “Preferred Network” display box highlight your

Network name and click Properties

Tick “ Connect even if this network is not broadcasting”

Click Connection Tab – Tick “ Connect when this network is in range”

Click OK

At the top of display the type of Wireless Card will be displayed

Click Configure - Click-Advanced Tab

Check the following: -

‘Auto Connection Mode” is Enable

“Power Saving Mode” Set to Cam (Constantly Awake Mode)

Click - Power Management Tab (If Available)

Un Tick “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”

Network Connection Setting

Click-Start- Setting-Network Connection-New Connection Wizard

Select-Connect to the Internet-Next

Select-Set Up My Connection Manually-Next

Select-Connect using a broadband connection that is always on


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