Internet connection via the household power circui

  Micromagic 22:15 29 Jul 2005

The following is an extract from the vendors
It sounds so tempting. Does any one know enough to explain it in plain english.

Thank you inadvance.

The extract -

MicroLink dLAN adapters now opens up a whole new range of possibilities. In addition to extending your existing broadband connection around the house, this latest standard ensures that PCs can exchange large files over the electricity mains without long delays, and even videos in DVD quality can be transferred over your household electricity circuit. In combination with IP-TV (Internet Protocol-TV), video on demand can be an impressive experience anywhere in the home, wherever there’s a power socket! Devolo MicroLink dLAN Highspeed adapters are highly secure, equipped with automatic DESpro encryption and are fully backwards compatible with the popular MicroLink dLAN products currently supporting 14Mbps transfer rates. As MicroLink dLAN adapters communicate over your existing electricity network, they are particularly well suited to old buildings and houses; MicroLink dLAN adapters don’t suffer from typical WLAN obstacles like thick walls and multi-floors.

  woodchip 22:22 29 Jul 2005

What they don't tell you, is it creates a lot of Radio Pollution. To a Radio, it's just like throwing metal confetti up in the air

  kinger 22:29 29 Jul 2005

A UK company used to have these for sale but, due to not meeting UK standards, had to withdraw them from sale.

Someone else may know the technical details but I don't think that they ever caught on properly.

  octal 23:42 29 Jul 2005

click here

I can't tell you much about the technical side of it because its very scant in the manual. I might pass this onto our Radio Society for them to have a look at. Tell you one thing, I don't suppose they will take kindly used near me, I'm bound to cause disruption to them.

  Stuartli 23:51 29 Jul 2005

Norweb conducted experiments with such a system several years ago - it was abandoned.

  Dragon Heart 00:03 30 Jul 2005
  Micromagic 17:45 31 Jul 2005

Thank you Octal and Dragon Heart for the help.
I have visited the website. It is extensive and very positive as it is the sellers website.

Neverthrless, as I pointed out in my first thread, I find the whole concept is very attractive.
Rhe speed is turbo charged and apparently security would also be better.
But there is no contra point in the website.

I wonder, out there is anyone using the package, if so, please join this thread and let us have your objective assesment of the gizmo.

  Completealias 17:54 31 Jul 2005

They were reviewed in this months PC Advisor there verdict was that they are "a exspensive solution and only really suitable for sharing an internet connection", it took 13minutes and 17secs to transfer a 516MB file using them, the same file took just 1min and 8secs using a wired network.

They did say that if you wanted to remove the hassle of installing a wired network or need to reach areas that a wireless network won't then they will do the job.

The transfer speed does seem rather low to me.

  Forum Editor 17:56 31 Jul 2005

and if it works well I can see that it will have great appeal. Running a computer network via a ring main isn't a new concept, but I haven't had any experience of it in action - I'll be as interested as you are to see if anyone has actually used these devices.

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