Internet Connection,( hijack)?

  Xlent 16:52 21 Aug 2005

Hi Everyone,I have windows xp,service pack 2,aol broadband,IE6,spybot1.4,ad-aware,spyware blaster,and microsoft anti spyware beta.(1)i get warning,could not connect to internet.(2)a layered service provider has been added to your system.(winsock directors)(3)update has failed,autoupdate could not detectan internet connection.(4)error retrieving update.
my knowledgeis limited, as i am new tocomputing.Please can you help and thank you.Xlent

  VoG II 16:54 21 Aug 2005

Try this click here

  Xlent 18:28 21 Aug 2005

Tried winsock xp fix.if i did it correctly it hasnt worked.sorry for the bother ,can you suggest any thing else.

  VoG II 18:32 21 Aug 2005

Is this just with Windows Updates or is it any internet site?

When do you get this warning?

  gudgulf 18:41 21 Aug 2005

Before updating anything make sure you open AOL and connect to your broadband account.Unless you are online before you try all your programs will fail to connect and give you the sort of error message you are getting.

  VoG II 20:49 21 Aug 2005

Via e-mail

Any site, as I cant update spybot, ad-aware,or microsoft beta.just went back into winsock xp site,it says,Yourcomputer is currently not optimized.


Have you followed gudgulf's advice?

  VoG II 21:09 21 Aug 2005

Via e-mail

Yes,even if im onthe net ,and i press the update button ,I am told , to make sure your on the internet before trying to update.


Please respond using the Add a new response box. The yellow envelope is for personal messages.

I suggest that you wait for someone who is familiar with AOL to make suggestions.

  Xlent 21:20 21 Aug 2005

Sorry if I am not following procedures,it is the first time I have used a forum. should I maybe go to the novice forum?

  stalion 21:23 21 Aug 2005

welcome to the forum and don't worry VoG™ is just giving you guidance

  dave_and_confused 21:30 21 Aug 2005

"just went back into winsock xp site,it says,Yourcomputer is currently not optimized."

That is an advert at the top of the screen. The idea is to trick you into thinking the advert has done a scan on your PC and has found problems. You then click on the advert and get taken to a website where you can usually buy the cure for £39.99. Never click / believe these without checking with the PCA forum first.

Can you now clarify the problem.

When does it occur?
Exactly what is the message you get?
What is giving you the message?
What exactly are the symptoms?


  VoG II 21:30 21 Aug 2005

That would probably be a good idea and put 'AOL' somewhere in the title. AOL's software is different to everybody else's and I'm not familiar with it. There may well be a wrong setting somewhere in AOL.

I'm sorry that I haven't been able to help so far. I'm sure somebody else will.

Does your name, Xlent, imply some proficiency with Microsoft Excel? That's my forte - I'm just filling in time for an Excel question to pop-up :o)

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