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  BrianCa 20:27 25 Nov 2008

I have been having problems with my internet connection since the weekend. On my XP desktop PC I can't connect to the internet. I have contacted my ISP (Virgin Media (Cable)) they have checked my connection and have confirmed everything is OK.

I already knew this as I am using my Vista Notebook wirelesly using the same connection. However, I can't connect to the Internet using my Notebook when my Desktop is on.

Does anyone hav any ideas on what might be cauing this.

Virgin Media have suggested that I call their PC support line, but at £1.00 per minute this is out of the question.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this will be very much appreciated. I will be back to check on Thursday as I will be at work all day Wednesday.



  brundle 20:36 25 Nov 2008

More information required; presume you're using a wireless router - make and model? Sounds as though it's only giving out a single IP address or both machines are set to static IPs. Any changes in software on either machine recently?

  BrianCa 13:23 26 Nov 2008

My wireless routes is a Netgear Rangemax WPN824.

However, I have tried connecting my Desktop directly to my Cabe Broadband Modem via Ethernet and still get no Access to the Intenet.

If I connect my Cable Modem directly to my Laptop the internet Works fine and as I have mentioned my Laptop works perfectly when connected wirelessly.

Also, If I connect my Laptop to my Router via Ethernet I also get connected to the Internet.

I don't think it is a probelm with the Router.

I am getting sporadic updates to my Anti-virus (Avast) Anti-spyware (Ad-Aware & Windows Defender) on my Desktop. I am using the Windows Firewall.

My Avast did find a virus the other day but I can't recall at the moment which one. This Virus is curretnly sitting in the Virus Chest within AVAST. I will post back when I can get access to check this.

I have also tried loading my desktop up in Safe mode with Networking and still got no access to the internet.

I have opened up a command prompt to Ping an Internet Address click here and got 100% dropout.

  brundle 17:06 26 Nov 2008

Agreed regarding the router - problem with the desktop.
Could be damaged LSP in the Winsock stack.
Reset Winsock; click here
and reset TCP/IP; click here

I get no ping response with either, it's not a valid address. Try (after the above steps).

  woodchip 17:17 26 Nov 2008

Have you turned off the Router at the back with button or switch also computers? after five minutes turn them all back on and retry them. Note Router Switch at the back , not mains switch

  brundle 17:21 26 Nov 2008

It's not the router, if other machines connect OK.

  ^wave^ 17:28 26 Nov 2008

can the xp machine connect to the router display pages from it

  BrianCa 13:28 01 Dec 2008

I have discovered that I was infected by the Tinyproxy & Bolivar Trojens. My avast has cleared them up and they are residing in the chest. I believe that this is reason I have lost my Internet browsing capability.
Searching the Internet on my Laptop I have seen a few posting regarding the same issues but I can't find any resolutions.

Hopefully someone can help with this issue.

I believe these trojens are spread via Social Networking Sites. I am therefore going to need to have a strong work with my partner who seems to live on Bebo & Myspace.

  kidsis 15:33 01 Dec 2008

Brian, if you are sure that you are now totally free of trojans, Brundle's advice about resetting winsock etc works for a lot of people who have managed to clear trojans from their system. It won't hurt to try.
If you want to post a Hijack This scan log, someone should be able to check it for you.

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