Internet Connection ~ Frequently dropping

  wee eddie 20:51 09 Nov 2010

Don't know why, but I keep loosing my Internet Connection. Sometimes it's good for a couple of hours. other times I loose it every couple of minutes.

Could it be the 5+ year old Router, a BT Voyager 205?

Could it be one of my Microfilters are breaking down?

Could it be the recently upgraded AVG? Unlikely as I think it was happening before that.

I got an e-mail saying that BT had been doing something with our lines and apologising for the problems while they were doing it, but that was a month ago and they mailed me since to say that they had finished the job!

  lotvic 22:15 09 Nov 2010

I had same sort of problem in Sept to mid Oct, ISP sent me a Router for Testing purposes and they changed my profile it has been stable since then. For me it looks like either my Voyager 2110 might be worn out or line has got noisy.
Despite being on 12dB profile I gained half a meg in connection speed (was on 6dB connection, then wouldn't hold on 9dB but does on 12dB)
Try changing microfilter and also plug into Test Socket on Master Socket.

Have you looked at router home page to see what profile you are on and your SNR margin?
Have you got another router you can try?

  michaelw 10:20 10 Nov 2010

Also it may be worth resetting the router at the website.

  sunnystaines 11:55 10 Nov 2010

sound very much like the router

  wee eddie 13:57 10 Nov 2010

If I rang BT and explained, do you think that they'd replace it?

Or should I just go out and buy one, they're not that pricey.

  spuds 12:02 14 Nov 2010

You could ask BT, but they might want to charge you for a replacement, because they have already supplied a 'free' one to you. You can only ask them?.

Depending on your preference, it might pay to buy your own which perhaps as good reviews. I had a problem with the router Tiscali supplied and they sent a different make/model as a replacement. Haven't had any further 'drop-outs' since, so in my case it looked like the router/modem was to blame.

Regarding filters, I use to have the cheap ones from Ebuyer, and they worked just fine. But OpenReach have now provided a direct connection to my computer set-up, so filters are no longer required.

  sunnystaines 12:12 14 Nov 2010

try and change your router connection to PPPoE instead of PPPoA

[reboot router and pc after changes]

this has not only solved a problem of my router dropping 0.13meg instead of 8meg but gave me 2meg faster that i was getting before the slow downs.

[in theory PPPoA should be the best connection]

  sunnystaines 10:47 15 Nov 2010

wee eddie

did PPPoE help

  wee eddie 17:16 15 Nov 2010

PPPoE instead of PPPoA is way over my head.

I will be contacting BT in the next 48 hours, though.

  sunnystaines 18:23 15 Nov 2010

in the browser address bar enter then hit the enter button on the keyboard

this will bring up the router settings, look for an option that says "connection" click on this it will then bring up about 4 options PPPoA or PPPoE will usualy be ticked just tick the other, one save changes button.
then try the internet you might have to reboot.
if no good reverse procedure.

if your ISP helpline is free try them first, if they cannot fix it discuss this option to see what they say.

  sunnystaines 11:59 27 Nov 2010

wee eddie

how did you get on with bt?

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