internet connection fails

  mozilla 14:25 27 Jan 2005

what are the default connecions to access the internet through IE, actually i've downloaded Firefox but still need to configure internet options, I have a laptop which used to connect straight away to the internet automatically through university network.
Under internet properties\connections\dial-up and VPN settings...

there is nothing!!

please help!!

  AndySD 14:51 27 Jan 2005

I am a little confused!!!!!!!!!!

Are you still trying to connect to the university connection or from another location?

  Jackcoms 15:35 27 Jan 2005


I agree with AndySD. There is no such thing as "default connecions" (sic).

Assuming you have an ISP, they will provide you with the settings needed to connect to the internet through their servers.

  mozilla 16:00 27 Jan 2005

sorry i was a little vague with the information. I'm trying to connect to the internet whilst at university using their bradband service, which i have always been able to do without having to configure anything, it was a case of sticking in the RJ45 and it would allow me to surf straight away.

I would like to set up my laptop to connect to the internet again in this way. I'm not sure what the settings need to be, do i really need an ISP? I dont have one, can i download one? Thanks

  Jackcoms 19:31 27 Jan 2005


"I'm trying to connect to the internet whilst at university using their broadband service".

At the risk of stating the obvious, shouldn't you be addressing this question to the university admin/IT office?

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