Internet connection drops? - this post may help

  LinH 22:17 19 Feb 2007

Internet connection drops intermittently.

I originally posted this to the Helproom forum but it was probably a mistake so have reposted it here in Networking. Aplogies to all those who have already responded

This problem, discussed previously in these forums without any firm resolution, has plagued me for some time. And, going by the past posts on the subject, it has evidently been a problem to some degree for other forum members too.

To recap, the problem is as follows:
After several years of smooth running my internet connection has taken to dropping at indeterminate times: it may be a couple of minutes after connecting or several days but eventually it will drop.

All the usual checks on my LAN (two wired pc’s and a wireless laptop via a Belkin modem/router) suggested everything was o.k. All the necessary ADSL filters were in place and a line check by BT revealed nothing wrong. I even moved the router away from my wireless telephone in case of interference but it still kept dropping at odd times.

Then, a couple of months ago I had difficulty having a telephone conversation with my son, there was a kind of soft warbling sound in the background (sorry but that’s the only suitable description I can think of). Then, suddenly, the phone would not work at all, nothing, except that strange noise, now louder. I quickly checked the other two handsets but they were fine, no problem at all. So, intrigued, I fiddled with the rechargeable batteries in the phone and lo and behold, it worked again! Without further ado I changed the batteries for a new set and all was well. Then I noticed that my internet connection had stopped dropping! And that’s the way it has been since. For the past three months the connection has been stable, I’ve left it on continually and it’s not dropped once yet.

A coincidence? Maybe, only time will tell. But if my problem is now resolved and it now helps someone else out it’s worth posting to the forum. Anything’s worth trying when you are clutching at straws!


  moore_mat 16:46 20 Feb 2007

Hi LinH

That's a very good point - modern (DECT) cordless phones are the bane of modern high-speed internet connections. Your wireless conneciton can be interfered with by the signal these things put out; and as you've found - even the main "wired" connection can go splat when a DECT phone is in trouble!

It seems that the manufacturers of these phones don't particularly care about the trouble they are causing as even modern DECT phones are just as irritating at times as the old ones!

Thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention and here's hoping it helps other users out.

Best regards

[email protected]

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