internet connection dropping intermittently

  keef66 12:40 28 Nov 2005

NTL BB modem - Netgear RP614 router - 2 desktop pc's via ethernet, both with identical Netgear network cards.
One pc is an Athlon XP2100+ running XP home SP2, and the other is an old Duron 950 running 98SE.

When I first set them up the network wizard took several attempts on the Win 98 pc to accept that the network adapter had the correct drivers, but eventually it did and all seemed to work splendidly. More recently on both pc's we frequently get a message saying the internet's not available and would we either like to work offline or try again. Clicking try again always gets you to the page you wanted, but it's really starting to annoy me now. Sice both pc's are affected I'm assuming it's router, modem or ISP related, but where do I start??

Away from pc now till Wednesday but will respond to any suggestions then

  recap 16:21 28 Nov 2005

Try re-booting the Router this may resolve your issue?

  keef66 11:08 30 Nov 2005

we always turn off the router and modem when the pc's are not in use, so they are both re-booted every time the pc's are started up. (the modem in particular gets quite warm so I think it must be a waste of energy leaving it on when it's not needed)
I considered a firmware update for the router, but discovered it already has the latest version. Maybe for the modem?

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