Internet connection driving me crazy

  Red Devil 16:02 16 Apr 2008

Hi all,

Ok, my internet connection has started playing up in the last week or so and I can't work out why.

Basically, http access is very hit and miss. I can get pop3, ftp, online gaming and torrents all working fine but http is driving me nuts.

The problem with http is that, the first time I try to load a webpage, sometimes the 2nd, after a period of inactivity I get a 403 error but after that the web works fine until I have another long period of inactivity and then the same thing happens again.

It does this in all browsers - I have 5 installed on my PC - and doesn't seem limited to any specific site either so can't see either of those being the root cause.

I have a permanently connected broadband connection that was rock solid until this issue surfaced so does anyone have any idea why I'm getting this issue?

Many thanks.

  rawprawn 16:17 16 Apr 2008

Run a scan with click here

  Red Devil 07:57 17 Apr 2008

But it didn't work.

Ran a scan, removed the threats identified and then loaded several web browsers.

The result?

The first 2, rather than 1, sites that I tried to access came up with 403 errors for the first 2 times I tried to access them before they would load properly.

Does anyone else have any suggestions and, more importantly, have any help they could give me as to why this is happening? I'd like to know why, rather than just running yet another scan, so that I have an idea what to look for the next time this should happen should it ever happen again.

Many thanks.

  birdface 08:14 17 Apr 2008 here Could it be a Firewall problem.Can you do a system restore to a date before you had the problems.

  Red Devil 08:29 17 Apr 2008

It's not a 403 error but a 404 - page not found error.

Sorry for the confusion.

  sinbads 08:50 17 Apr 2008
  birdface 09:05 17 Apr 2008

Try right clicking local Area Connection on your quick start[start up] And press repair.See if it comes up with a DNS Cache problem.Or this from Microsoft .click here

  Red Devil 09:25 17 Apr 2008

I tried what you suggested and it diagnosed a TCP problem between my PC and my router.

I've used the repair facility and let's see if that now fixes the problem.

Many thanks for that.

  johnnyrocker 09:29 17 Apr 2008

are your settings set to use a proxy server?


  Red Devil 09:33 17 Apr 2008

Nope - I don't have my settings set up to use a proxy server.

  Red Devil 09:42 17 Apr 2008

And it didn't work - still getting the issue if I don't use http for a while.

This is really annoying now. :((

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