internet connection breaking

  CabbageWhite 17:27 16 Nov 2009

I have Windows XP2, IE and OE. ISP is Orange (which I do not recommend). My modem is one of those "faces" with two "green eyes" which light up when it is working. Recently the connection has been breaking - the green eyes go out - at what seem to be random times (I can find no pattern). Occasionally, on powering up, the eyes come on, and then go off before I have connected to the server. The line connection has been checked and is OK.

Any ideas where to look next? Thanks.

  Pineman100 18:55 16 Nov 2009

A few random thoughts:

Are you sure you have used microfilters for every device that is plugged into a phone socket, throughout the house? If not then you should do so. If you have, then try unplugging everything from every socket except the modem (and its filter, of course). If you then still have the problem, try a different filter on the modem connection.

You mention "powering up" - does this mean the computer or the modem? If you haven't yet tried switching off the modem, so so. Switch it of, leave it for a few minutes, then switch on again. Then again leave it for a few minutes before you try connecting.

Have you tried using a different cable to connect the modem to the computer, and then to connect the modem to the phone socket? This would ensure that neither cable is faulty.

  CabbageWhite 23:40 16 Nov 2009

Thanks pineman. I appreciate your time and thoughts. By powering up, I meant simply turning the PC on. That turns the modem on automatically. In fact, I have no idea how to turn the modem off (I am not very technical), but re-starting the PC after the modem has switched itself off switches it on again.

The mocrofilters should be OK since nothing has changed since before the problemm arose, but I will check. The suggestion about the cable between the PC and the modem is worth following since the cable is now a few years old, and could be faulty. Circumstances mean that I cannot try another cable until Friday at least, but I'll give it a go and let you know.

Many thanks.

  Pineman100 18:22 17 Nov 2009

Does your modem have a power supply, or does it run off just the USB port?

If the latter, it might be worth updating the driver software from Orange's download page - you should be able to find your model if you click here

  CabbageWhite 15:16 20 Nov 2009

The modem runs off the USB port.

I hadn't thought of updating the driver, so had a look at Orange download page as you suggested. My modem isn't there which makes me think it is getting long in the tooth and that may be the cause of the probalem I'll ask Orange for a new one - or maybe now is the time to change my ISP which I have been talking about doing for a long time.

Many thanks for your help.

  Orange Response 16:06 23 Nov 2009

Hi CabbageWhite,

Sorry to read of your connection problems. I work for Orange and may be able to help.

If you can email your landline number/broadband account number and best contact number to [email protected], I'll give you a ring to discuss.

So I can pick up your mail quickly, please add 'Jonathan Orange Response' in the first line.

Hope this helps

Orange Response Team

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