Internet connection

  jencalu 11:13 25 Jun 2011

My pc won't connect to explorer - the email is ok so there is a connection and I can connect with my laptop. It just keeps searching and looking for a fix and doesn't connect. I also cannot close it, it just changes colour and keeps "searching". I have loggged on & off and run the security but it also cannot connect to the internet to complete the fix. Any ideas??/

  rdave13 11:35 25 Jun 2011

If it's internet explorer then go to tools, internet options then the advanced tab and select to repair internet explorer.

  birdface 11:45 25 Jun 2011

I think what rdave13 means is press the reset button.

Or maybe check programs and make sure I/E is set as the default web browser.

  jencalu 12:11 25 Jun 2011

Ah, but that's a problem as I can't access the toolbar!

  birdface 12:19 25 Jun 2011

Control Panel.Internet Options.

Or try Firefox till you get it sorted.

link text

  rdave13 12:21 25 Jun 2011

Click start, all programs, accessories, system tools and select IE (no-addons) then reset IE.

  mgmcc 12:26 25 Jun 2011

"I have loggged on & off and run the security but it also cannot connect to the internet to complete the fix."

Logged on & off from what? It sounds as though there may be a problem with more than just Internet Explorer. Run a scan with your AntiVirus program and also with Malwarebytes which, if necessary, you can download with your Laptop and transfer to the Desktop PC with a USB stick.

  jencalu 12:31 25 Jun 2011

I right-clicked on IE reset and it still won't open - just keeps "searching". I am using the same BB to send this via laptop, so confused. Have restarted twice and a program called trusteer comes up to allow or not - don't know the webbsite

  rdave13 12:43 25 Jun 2011

IE (no addons) and left click the reset tab. Don't open IE only through the all programs, accessories and system tools route. If you think trusteer rapport is messing IE up then it's in the all programs list where you can stop it running.

  jencalu 12:59 25 Jun 2011

Nope, as soon as it has to connect to internet it justs waits & waits. Can't cancel prog, have to restart

  rdave13 13:30 25 Jun 2011

Try a system restore.

buteman's idea a good one. Download firefox and save on the other PC. Use a flash drive or cd to install on the one IE's not working and see if you can connect.

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