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  User-C36C17DD-CB36-4359-8C1755C210746FBE 18:52 06 Jun 2006

i have a cable modem with an ethernet and a USB connection point.
I am currently connected using the USB port. is it possible to use the ethernet port to connect another computer to the internet as well

  Tim1964 19:24 06 Jun 2006

My NTL cable modem had a USB and ethernet connections but could not be used together. Is your cable NTL or Telewest?

Now on ADSL, my modem has USB and ethernet ports and they can be used together as it's a modem/router (with only two ports)

  ade.h 19:27 06 Jun 2006

If it's not a router, then it can't, er, route.

  mgmcc 20:54 06 Jun 2006

Cable modems generally have both a USB connection and an ethernet one but it is an EITHER/OR choice - you can only connect one computer directly to the modem. This is because the ISP only allocates one IP address which will go to the first computer to connect, the second will have no IP address and be unable to get online.

You need to connect a separate "Cable/DSL" router to the modem's ethernet port and connect your two computers to the router.

If your computer has a network adapter installed, and it isn't currently being used, then you should be connecting to the modem with that and not USB. There is no good reason for using USB rather than ethernet, which was designed as a networking technology, USB wasn't.

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