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  dawnal 11:06 28 Sep 2005

I recently reinstalled my operating system, Windows XP home, and now, every time I connect to the Internet, I get cut off. Sometimes this happens after anything from a couple of minutes to about half an hour. I have a broadband connection and my modem is a Sagem 800E2T. Sometimes I just get cut off and others I get a message saying the port for this device has been closed.

There used to be an arrow in the system tray which was green when connection was available. This has disappeared.

Can anyone tell me what is happening. Everything was OK before I reinstalled. I am absolutely baffled by this.



  johnnyrocker 11:21 28 Sep 2005

are you connected via usb and do you have a lexmark printer?


  rawprawn 11:23 28 Sep 2005

I have a Sagem 800/840 modem from Tiscali which is sometimes not recognised by the computer when I boot up. Unplugging and then pluggining the usb again after a minute seems to help. Have you tried reinstalling the drivers? and look on your ISP for any driver updates.

  Graham ® 11:36 28 Sep 2005

The computer may be configured to turn off the modem to save power. In Device Manager, find the modem. It may be under Network Adapters. Select Action, Properties, Power Management.

  dawnal 11:38 28 Sep 2005

Thanks for your responses. I do have a USB connexion, I don't have a lexmark printer. Something has, obviously, changed since I reinstalled the operating system. Everything was OK before I did that. I just have no idea what it could be.

  dawnal 11:40 28 Sep 2005

Sorry I forgot this. I have reinstalled the drivers, I've reinstalled everything, at least once, and I can't find any new drivers. My provider is TalkTalk, incidentally.

  Graham ® 11:42 28 Sep 2005

Right click Taskbar, Properties, Customize. Select 'Upstream/Downstream...', select 'Hide when inactive' from the drop-down menu. It is probably set to 'Always hide' at the moment.

  Gongoozler 11:45 28 Sep 2005

I don't have any experience of this message, but "the port for this device has been closed" sounds like it may be your firewall that is closing a port.

  johnnyrocker 12:04 28 Sep 2005



  dawnal 12:09 28 Sep 2005

Thanks again for your responses. I must say this is an excellent site and most helpful people. I've tried the taskbar properties thing. There are two sections, Current Items and Past Items. The green arrow that I was on about is listed under past items. How can I get it back into current items. I have no idea why this should have happened. It was a current item earlier this morning

I have zone alarm firewall. Can you tell me how I can check whether it is this causing the problem

  Graham ® 12:57 28 Sep 2005

It doesn't matter which section the icon is in, it will still do as you wish.

As for the firewall, simply turn it off temporarily to see if that makes a difference.

A look in the Event Viewer might also give a clue: Start, right click My Computer, Manage, expand Event Viewer, System. Select an Event, Action, Properties. You may submit to Microsoft for further information.

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