Internet Connection

  amyjen7 13:05 02 Jul 2005

My dial up connection switches off after about 15 minutes despite that I am working on line. What is the problem and how can I sort it out?

Thank you

  Taff36 16:35 02 Jul 2005

Who is your ISP? Are you using Outlook, Outlook Express or another such as mozilla? Have you got anti-Virus and antispyware? Something isn`t right so we`ll see what we can do!

  Taff36 11:39 03 Jul 2005

"My ISP is Tiscali and I use Outlook. My system has a fully operational Norton Systemworks 2003. I hope you can sort this out . I can't now connect with this provider. It dials and the appropriate noises can be heard but will not connect. Hope you can throw sum light on this. I am presently using my ISP with Virgin "

Wort - Please don`t use the envelope to send personal messages - keep it on your thread because others will see it and help out too! I have to go out now but I`ll be back to help about 6 pm. (If someone else hasn`t sorted it for you. Good luck!

I take it you have two accounts, one with Tiscali and the other with Virgin. You should have two dial up connections therefore, one for each. Is this correct? If so with Tiscali what error message do you get? Also have a look at the connection properties and tell us the POP3 and SMTP details and the telephone number you are dialling. Don`t forget - post back here with the answers or say if you don`t understand what I`m on about!

  amyjen7 14:03 04 Jul 2005

Sorry about using the envelope but I am not all that good on the techincal side. As for your ? Yes I do have the 2 dial up connection, the problem with getting on line with Tiscali was temporary. Now no problem. However I am stll being switched off after 15mins or so. Don't quite understand what you mean about the properties but hope this makes sense. "Internet access settings " Use a proxy sever for this connection & Byepass proxy server local address" are both ticked. In connections Tiscali is set as default and" always dial my default connection" is checked. Looking forward to hearing from you Thanks

  Wilus 11:21 07 Jul 2005

I started with the Tiscali pay-as-you-go dialup this week and have found it regularly disconnects without notice and it's often difficult to re-connect afterwards. My housemate has the same service and experiences the same problems -- I suspect it's Tiscali's problem rather than ours.

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