internet connection?

  hector710 16:06 26 May 2005

I have a Sony Ericsson mobile and a desktop and laptop computer; I have a cable which connets between the phone and the computers via usb, to upload and download from computer to phone.My question, I am going on holiday, can I take my laptop with me, and use this cable to connect me to the internet, via my mobile phone line; (just as you would with a landline)I realise I might have to start up a new pay as you go account.

  Technotiger 16:10 26 May 2005

Hi, yes, I believe this is possible - I have a friend in Zanzibar who uses his mobile phone for the Internet and chatting with me in MSN Messenger. He does not have a land-line.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:11 26 May 2005

You can and many mobiles already have nternet connection but ......................

1) It is eye-wateringly expensive.

2) It is painfully slow.

3) I'll put money on you being turned over, robbed, getting a good shoeing or all three. Myself, I would be heading to the nearest Internet cafe.


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