internet conection causes crash

  ronkono 15:02 07 Oct 2006

Hope you can help,
If I open i.e.6 when my internet connection is connected a message comes up saying it has to shut down the program, and asks whether to send report or not, however if I ignore it I can carry on surfing. This error message comes up also on system mechanic pro 6 and lavasoft's adaware when they try to connect to the internet. It seems when the internet is there and a program tries to connect the error comes up, but if the internet is unplugged it does not.
Any ideas?


  ronkono 21:59 13 Oct 2006

Well thanks for all the help! solved this myself, it was a virus and my norton anti virus did not pick it up, however panda 2007 did and all is now well.
Hope this helps anyone who had similar problem.

  Jackcoms 22:02 13 Oct 2006

"Well thanks for all the help!"

I don't think sarcasm will help your cause if you need to seek help from this Forum again in the future

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