Internet Con lost if PC not used for a few min

  Halmer 08:30 13 May 2008

On my wireless Vista laptop, if I do not use the internet for 5 minutes or so (for example if I am compiling a long e-mail on a web based mail application and then try to send it) it seems to lose the connection. I get a timed out 'try again' message on Firefox.

The same happens if you put the Laptop down for a while and then resume surfing the net. You have to try a few times to get it up and running again. Is there a 'time out' setting somewhere or something else similar please?

  Technotiger 08:32 13 May 2008

Have a look in Control Panel>Power management ...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:57 13 May 2008

also check wirelss card in device manager - properties - power managemant tab - untick "allow computer to turn off"

  Halmer 11:16 13 May 2008

I can't find that sorry.

  Poitier 11:55 13 May 2008

On dialup some ISPS used to disconnect if idle for a certain length of time and it was necessary to click the scroll bar occasionly to maintain a connection.

  Halmer 09:30 14 May 2008


  brundle 10:06 14 May 2008

As suggested the above doesn't apply for wireless connections to a router or for router connections to the ISP, though there is a time-out period or idle-time that can be adjusted in most router configurations. (Linksys in this example click here - Connect on Demand, Max Idle Time)
Do you get the problem anywhere you use a wireless connection with that PC? Do you have other wireless machines that work with none of the same problems? Laptop make & model? Router make and model?

  Halmer 15:15 15 May 2008

you were right I think thank you. Linksys set to 5 mins idle time. Have set to keep alive ta.

  Halmer 15:17 15 May 2008

on the assumption that it's sorted now.

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