Internet cnnectivity

  marytommo 10:29 01 Sep 2010

Having problems witt holding a internet connection.My computer room is upstairs possibly 20metres from bt main box At present have phone extension that distance into wireless router close to pc.
Any ideas to remedy this. Also have LAN from router into PC. Will supply any other info that might be helpful.
Thanks in advance

  MAJ 10:55 01 Sep 2010

Try moving the router down beside the BT main box, using the {usually supplied by the ISP) shorter phone connection cable. Then connect your upstairs computer to the router wirelessly. ISPs recommend that you don't use a long telephone extension lead, although personnally I've never had a problem when using one.

  marytommo 13:11 01 Sep 2010

Thank you MAJ
Being less than confident with the workings of pcs and connections please could you explain exactly how I connect the upstairs computer to the router wirelessly. And what do I do with the yellow LAN cable now fixed from back of router to PC??
What into where, type of thing.
Thank you once again.

  MAJ 15:56 01 Sep 2010

"And what do I do with the yellow LAN cable now fixed from back of router to PC??"

Keep it for setting up the router, which you might need to do at a later date, if it loses it's settings or if you want to change some settings.

"how I connect the upstairs computer to the router wirelessly"

Firstly, before disconnecting the yellow ethernet cable, make sure the wireless light on the front of the router is illuminated, it's usually a steady green colour.

If that's okay, go into the router's settings and set up a wireless security password, select the WPA-PSK option and enter a password you will remember, save the changes and exit. How you enter the router's configuration page depends on your router's make and model, you haven't told us that info.

Now disconnect the yellow ethernet cable and move the router downstairs, plug it in to the phone socket and switch it on. On the PC upstairs, connect and install a USB wireless adapter (example: click here). The wireless adapter will detect the wireless signal from the router and ask you for the wireless security key you created earlier, enter it and click connect. You should now be able to connect to the internet, hopefully more consistently than you did before. Note that the wireless signal will degrade over distance and how many walls and floors it has to go through, thick stone walls are not good, stud walls are better.

  marytommo 21:05 02 Sep 2010

Thank you again.
Wireless router make and model: Echolife HG520b- came with talktalk package deal 18 mths ago
Not sure how to get into routers settings to set up a security password.
My BT main box must have been installed in the late 70s-80s in the hall with an extension cable to the kitchen (5 mtrs approx.long) The box itself is enclosed (no Tele connection plug) Is that a problem? The rest of your info looks as tho' I might manage to sort it out.
I live in a 250 yr old former farm workers cottage, few beams, wooden floors, with possibly 1 solid 9" wall between hall and computer room upstairs.

  MAJ 23:42 02 Sep 2010

Before going any further can you confirm that you have microfilters on all equipment connected to a phone socket, especially the PC, but also including phones and things like a Sky box?

Here click here is a tutorial on how to set up your router to connect wirelessly. If anything isn't clear, just ask.

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