internet, can a mile make a big difference?

  sunnystaines 12:57 22 Apr 2012

we are with talktalk and get a reading of 10meg speed on different when test sites so happy with the correct reading.

yet a mile down a straight road from us is a place we like, the people there are also talktalk but can only get mere half meg download on same package, they say its all been tested and that other house nearby are the same.

i was wondering with the short distance and on the same road can it really be so bad one end and ok the other.

  canarieslover 13:26 22 Apr 2012

It is quite possible that the mile measured directly isn't the same route as the telephone wires. Could be older cabling which could also affect speeds.

  wiz-king 13:31 22 Apr 2012

Yes - speed depends on the type of cable and the length of the run to the exchange. (cables don't go the straightest route to the exchange and overhead lines can give loads of problems). Think of a telephone system as a tree you can have two twigs touching but they may be on different main branches.

  robin_x 13:48 22 Apr 2012

Finding a house you like, or even fall in love with, is very powerful. But these days 0.5MBs can be a serious problem.

See if there are any plans to upgrade BT network or if Sky or Virgin cable/fibre services are available at the other address/postcode.

  sunnystaines 14:05 22 Apr 2012

thanks for replies they have been useful, still in contract not sure if dreadful speeds is an excuse to move without extra fees. i suppose virgin fibre optic is another option but they are steep in phone charges. everyone else would use the same copper wires.

  Batch 16:46 22 Apr 2012

Have you tried this : Broadband StreetStats?

  spuds 17:11 22 Apr 2012

Just checking the link Batch as provided, there appears to be a big difference to speeds in my location. Lowest point 0.2MB for TalkTalk, 4.8MB for BT and highest point 31.3MB for Virgin.

Having had a whole heap of problems with broadband service and speeds (my lowest point at one stage was below 1MB), I now seem to have a regular 5MB from the local exchange, 1.5 miles away (approx 2.5 miles per landline). When BT OpenReach were involved with the problems, they knew there was a problem, but couldn't actually locate the precise problem, and I presume that they are still monitoring the situation. The engineer also remarked, that what you see on the surface, the line and connections below ground level, or to the boxes could be far worse, depending on age and maintenance.

You could check with the ISP, because I believe that they must now provide a realistic figure, instead of the old 'upto' way of offering and providing a service.

  KRONOS the First 17:19 22 Apr 2012

That link (Batch) put me right in the middle of princes street gardens in the middle of Edinburgh, which is about 3 miles away.LOL

  rdave13 17:47 22 Apr 2012

A mile made a big difference for me a few years ago. 6Meg a mile a way and 2Mmeg for me. Changed ISP and it went to 3Meg. Changed ISP and now near 6Meg. Had issues that connection dropped quite severely during the busy times (evenings) so they sent an Openreach broadband engineer. The 'port' in the cabinet was over congested and they've just changed me to a less congested one. It's better now as my speed only drops to about 1.7Meg (just tested) at this time. Now my ISP aren't happy about this loss of speed and have escalated this again with their suppliers (BT) and sending another BT broadband engineer next Tuesday. It's a bit unusual as this is the first time I've had an ISP that looks determined to keep my custom. Typically those that are gamers and skype users have priority over connection speed even though we might pay the same for our broadband. It's very interesting what I've learnt so far by quizzing these engineers.

This site might be interesting if you use a BT land line for connection,

Select the user tools link at the top.

  Migwell 08:29 23 Apr 2012

I was having problems that you talk about. Turn's out it was to do with noise on the line, my next door neighbour was getting 4meg and I was getting .2meg. I live just under 1 mile form the exchange, but when I had the engineers around they said that " a chap just 1/4 mile from the exchange I use was getting 22meg, but his supply was coming from another exchange which used fibre optic to the cabinet" and that exchange is 2 miles off to the right from where I get mine from. So it just goes to show you have no idea where or which way the cables run.

  sunnystaines 10:03 23 Apr 2012


good link, a load 0.2, to 1meg, but further down the road a few hundred yds 30meg for some reason but sky and bt were very poor

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