internet cafe

  big geof 14:02 14 Oct 2006

Hi m8s
a m8 wants to open an internet cafe and has asked me to help out,,can you please help out with some good links for info,,have done google and found some info,was hoping for a more experienced view,,cheers m8s,,big geof

  Jackcoms 14:11 14 Oct 2006

You don't say exactly what info you're after.

But might it not be a good idea to wander along to a local Internet café to have a look at the set up, such as;

Size and type of premises

Location of the premises

PC kit used

Prices charged

Other facilities provided such as food and/or drink

  Stuartli 17:03 14 Oct 2006

My local libraries provide Internet facilities using up to date computer systems with TFT screens FOC.

  big geof 20:45 14 Oct 2006

yes Stuartli that may be true but that was not the question,,also i can buy cans of beer from tesco for 30p a can but i still go to my local pub, don't you?
big geof

  big geof 20:56 14 Oct 2006

thank for the reply Jackcoms, the info i was after is
what you have stated, i have been to my local internet cafe but i was looking for other ideas cos i
would like mine to be different and better,,big geof

  Jackcoms 21:40 14 Oct 2006

"i would like mine to be different and better".

Fine, you know what the basic set up is and, my limited experience of Internet cafés, is that they're much of a muchness - a few PCs with a BB connection and printer and perhaps a bit of food and drink.

End of story.

What's to be different or better about an Internet café?

People use them because they haven't got access to a PC - either because they can't afford one or because they're passing through the area and need one for an hour or so.

They don't need dancing girls or topless poseurs.

I think your first considerations should be the capacity of your wallet and whether or not there is actually a need for one in the area you have in mind.

For instance, if you're planning the "only Internet café in the village" will the village's 15 farmers and 10,000 sheep really be that interested?

On the other hand, if it's an inner London suburb, the area will probably already have more than its' fair share of Internet cafés and you'll be fighting a losing battle.

Think about it - after all you seem to be the entrepreneur.

  Stuartli 21:49 14 Oct 2006

True, but it's also the reason that the two or three Internet cafes we had in a town of 80,000 plus people eventually shut their doors.

Perhaps I should have made that point.

  anskyber 21:52 14 Oct 2006

Are you serious? It has a feel of "no" to me. Help us, why don't you by answering the questions Jackcoms put to you.

Why not start off with your available budget.

  big geof 07:28 15 Oct 2006

thenks everyone for you views will take all on board,,big geoff

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