Internet Cable Connection Problem

  Legslip 15:26 07 Jul 2009

I have a Virgin Cable B-band connection. When I take a cable from the back of the B-band modem and plug it into my Netbook all connects up OK and I am rapidly on the Net. However, if I plug it into my desktop, the desktop sees it but wont connect. The desktop uses a RealtekRTL8139 Family PCI Card and XP, same as the Netbook. Device Manager says the card is working properly.

Could the card only be suitable for non-cable connections? Any ideas?

  woodchip 16:01 07 Jul 2009

ill it work Wireless?

  ambra4 16:32 07 Jul 2009

Most cable ISPs have the cable modem configured to recognize only one client computer by the MAC address of its network interface.

Once the cable modem has learnt the MAC address of the first computer that talks to it, it will not respond to another MAC address in any way.

Thus if you swap one PC for another PC the new PC will not be able to access the Internet via the cable modem, because the new PC has a different MAC address to the first PC that was connected to the cable modem

You need to power off the Cable Modem, and the new PC

Connect the Cable modem to the new PC

(IMPORTANT: - You must wait for the cable server to release the Mac address)

Wait 10 minutes

Power on the cable modem, once it has rebooted and gone fully online all indicator lights settled down,

Power on the computer and wait until it is fully rebooted

You should now able to access the Internet via new PC Lan Card

To save having to go through the above every time you connect the Netbook you will have to install a

Cable / DSL Wireless Router just disable the wireless if not required in the router

click here

  woodchip 09:41 08 Jul 2009

As above you need a Cable router

  birdface 09:55 08 Jul 2009

With the desktop just switch the modem off wait for 10 seconds and turn it on again and see if that works.It usually does.And the same with the laptop if you decide to use that again.I am assuming that it is an ethernet connection that you are using.

  Legslip 13:23 10 Jul 2009

Perfect advice. Powered everything down and up again, and Hey Presto!

As always, brilliant.

Thank you very much.

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