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  J B 22:54 20 Apr 2005

Has anybody ever heard of or used deep net explorer? I just read a little about on their website, and it sounded quite interesting. I would like to read any thoughts about this subject. Thanks....


  sil_ver 23:23 20 Apr 2005

I tried Deepnet but unless they've improved it (I installed it about a month ago) I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole. Ok it's not bad whilst installed but when I uninstalled it, it left bits behind all over the place. The first thing was that I could no longer open links in OE, probably because it entwines itself with IE. I had to use three or four different reg cleaners to get rid of all the crap it left behind. That's my experience of Deepnet (I think other users have had similar problems) but maybe I was just unlucky.

  sidecar sid 23:24 20 Apr 2005
  Will05 00:11 21 Apr 2005

Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone can help, my Internet Explorer has recently began giving me trouble. I can't open other pages when I click a link, the page freezes, it goes through the motions of opening a page but nothing happens. This means I can't download using my browser. Also pop ups that I would need for certain sites I can't access at all.

Could this be something I did? I recently did a spyware clearout and I'm wondering if maybe I accidentally deleted a program needed to run Explorer.



  Will05 00:14 21 Apr 2005

sorry meant to say that I'm using Windows XP. And I think its Internet Explorer 6 I'm using.

  watchful 06:59 21 Apr 2005

Start a new topic with your question then more people will see it.

  octal 07:12 21 Apr 2005

It looks to be yet another browser that relies on IE being installed for it to operate, it won't work on its own which is the same as Crazy Browser click here and Avant Browser click here , I used both when I used Windows, but I couldn't see the point when you had to have IE installed.

Firefox and Opera browsers are completely standalone and don't rely on any other program to be installed to work.

  BBW 12:23 21 Apr 2005

Hi, VoG put me onto this site to cure IE problems: click here just download 14k file.

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