waksh 14:47 19 Dec 2007


I have recently experienced some bad problems with my internet connection on my laptop. It worked fine but one day the "ONLINE" light kept flashing on the modem and no conncection was being made. I thought it was some sort of technical error with my laptop when infact it was the servers that were down, i disbaled my internet connection and now i dont know how to enable it again. The "ACTIVITY" light on the modem doesnt flash, when i plug the cable into my pc it workks fine there but not on the laptop. I am using Windows Vista, a broaband connection through a modem



  octal 14:49 19 Dec 2007

Try switching off the modem for a minute or two then switch it back on again and see if that gets it going.

  waksh 14:52 19 Dec 2007

i have tried that, but nothing happens, i have even restarted the laptop and still nothing happens. At one point i unplugged the socket for the whole night and plugged it back in and still nothing happened

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:59 19 Dec 2007

Start - Network - Click on your network connection (LAN) and click status - connect.

  Luz 14:59 19 Dec 2007

What B/B provider are you with?

I am BT and that comes with a disc that you run on your PC and part of the installation is testing the wireless connection and then testing your broadband connection.... Contact ISP and ask if there are line probs....

You cant turn your B/Band connection (phone line) on and off, its always there (unless there are service issues with you provider).... Or i may have misunderstood what you mean by disable connection......

  waksh 15:00 19 Dec 2007

I will try this as soon as i get home

  waksh 15:02 19 Dec 2007

I am with Telewest Broadband, no, even when i first started to connect my internet to my laptop there was no need for a cd, it automatically worked at that point.

  octal 15:08 19 Dec 2007

Telewest is now Virgin Media, have a look at the service status page click here and see if your area is or has been effected by any issues.

  waksh 15:09 19 Dec 2007

no, im not affected in any of those areas, its actually fine because the connection actually works with my pc but not with my laptop.

  Luz 15:21 19 Dec 2007

So does you Lap-top recognise the modem when you try and connect wire-lessly? (is that a word?!!!)

When you "disabled" your connection what did you do on your lap-top...

  waksh 16:30 19 Dec 2007

when i disabled it my laptop didnt reconise the modem after that, im connecting through normal broadband and not by wireless.

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