Internet banking security...your thoughts.

  vaughan007 18:46 05 Dec 2004

Hello all,

I must admit that I have always been slightly put off internet banking due to my concerns about security. Not really the issues of the banks security, more of my own computer such as infection by worms, trojans, etc.

Even though I am very careful about not compromising my computers security I am aware that it is still possible for me to run into some trouble at some point.

I would be interested to hear the thoughts of more knowledgable people than myself on this issue.


  Meshuga 18:54 05 Dec 2004

A very topical question as i have this moment come from paying some bills via my bank account. I have been using internet banking for a long time now with both my banks and have had no problems. It`s extremely convenient, especially if yo are disabled and have difficuty getting about. Provided you have all the protection in place on your pc you shouldn`t have too much to worry about.

  sidecar sid 19:01 05 Dec 2004

Agree completley with Meshuga.I have been using internet banking for three years now without worry or problem.

  Cuddles 19:06 05 Dec 2004

I to have used internet banking for some considerable time and have never had any problems, i always think you are more in danger if you go to a restaurant and they vanish off out the back with your card, majority of problems people have with internet banking are down to human error not internet error.

  Hamish 19:06 05 Dec 2004

I also use internet banking at two bank and completely agree with Meshuga. I change my passwords on occasions but do not know why as I have had no problems to date. I save on parking in town

  sicknote 19:10 05 Dec 2004

Agree with all of Meshuga comments,never had a problem with my online banking,Just remember 1 think never give any of your details out to any e-mail you receive or cold telephone callers,etc.

Happy Banking !!!

  ianeon 19:14 05 Dec 2004

I have had a "Smile" bank account for two years and think it is great - no problems - questions answered quickly and accurately - money transfers are easy - plus a good rate of interest - lol

  Meshuga 19:19 05 Dec 2004

response referring to restaurants, never sign a credit card slip if it`s not completed and the waiter says the cashier will fill it in. In fact I never use a credit card if i go out for a meal. I always take enough cash.

  herc182 19:38 05 Dec 2004

internet banking is the only way forward. makes dealing with money so much easier. you can transfer money into other peoples accounts with a few clicks, pay credit card bills, monitor your finances with ease and as frequently as you like.

have done so for about 4-5 years and would not have it any other way. if you ever receive an email from your bank, NEVER answer it. always call them or go to the bank itself (no matter how legitemate the email looks) - why tempt fate?

run your spyware program (eg spybot) to ensure your actions online are not being logged and use a firewall (eg zonealarm) and you should be fine.

I am with lloyds tsb and they have a fantastically easy interface.

hope this helps

  Cuddles 22:42 05 Dec 2004

Meshuga, who said anything about credit card, most places take debit cards as well, plastic is the way forward.

  GaT7 00:53 06 Dec 2004

No problems here either in 4 years. As others have said can't be beaten for conveniency : )

To add to the advice above...

- Make sure you're at the ACTUAL bank's site. A legit site will have the bank's name in it (not some other name or numbers) & will be encrypted (e.i., URL begins with 'https' & a 'locked padlock' symbol in browser status bar) BEFORE you're asked to fill-in your login passcode & password details. If you have the slightest suspicion that things are not quite right, it's best not to enter any details but first ask your bank(s) about their website address(es) & their online security measures.

- Try to avoid logging in at public places (or from any computer you're not too sure about it's security).

- Always make sure to logout at every session, & while logged-on refuse to be distracted by anything or anyone (as far as possible, of course!). You could leave the computer while still logged-on & anyone can do whatever they want with your money! G

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