Internet activity when no programs running

  RSW130657 12:51 17 Sep 2005

I have an ADSL router connected via an ethernet cable to my computer, and also to another computer via wirefree connection.
I have noticed recently that on the wired computer, that a good deal of traffic is being sent and received even when no programs are running. This doesn't happen on the wirefree computer, so I conclude it is not a router problem, but a problem on the wired computer!
I have disabled all programs that could have been updating in the background but this makes no difference. I have also tried stopping services running, one by one to see if this stops the traffic, but it doesn't.
I notice that when the traffic is flowing, that an additional icon appears in the Network Connections window- called "Internet Connection". (Normally there is only the "Local Area Connection" icon present).This "Internet Connection" icon cannot be deleted,(greyed out), and if I disable it, then the ADSL connection stops.
If I go into settings within this icon,then it comes up with the message-"The INternet Connection Sharing computer is not configured to let network users control or disable the shared Internet connection. This setting can be changed in the Advanced Properties of the shared connection of the Internet Connection Sharing computer".
I don't understand this message and there appears to be nowhere else to alter this connection.
Any suggestions as to why this icon appears sometimes and causes unwanted internet traffic, and how I can stop this happening.

  octal 13:04 17 Sep 2005

You'll find that this will happen when you run broadband which is connected all the time, its quite normal, its your server checking who is on line by asking for the serial number of the network card, this happens every few milliseconds, you'll find if you've got a network monitor it runs at about 1 to 3kbs.

This is a screen shot of my connection over a 4 second period. click here

Your router will block you from seeing these, but they are still there and are necessary for the Internet to work.

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