Internet access with dual booting system

  Felix 9115 11:49 18 Apr 2003

I have a dual booting system with two hard drives - Win98se on one and WinXP on the other,it all seems fine. I have my ISP software (AOL) on the drive with with Win98 loaded onto it, and access the internet from there with no probs, my question is can I also load AOL onto the XP drive and use it fron there when I boot into XP, in other words in that situation will the drives effectively act as two seperate computers?

  powerless 12:03 18 Apr 2003


  Felix 9115 13:39 18 Apr 2003

Thank you Powerless...... further to the question above, if I'm going to expose that drive to the Internet, do I need seperate Anti-Virus/Firewall protection on it as well then please?

  powerless 13:44 18 Apr 2003

Yes, although the AV and FW will be on the other drive they will not function in the other OS.

When you scan for a virus it will probably check all drives but the Auto protect fuction of AV's will not be there, so if you recieve an email you will not have protection from a virus.

So yes seperate AV and FW.

  Felix 9115 13:51 18 Apr 2003

Are there any conflict risks - particularly with the Anti-virus programme? I'm using AVG on the Win98 disk, and intend using same on the XP disk.

  powerless 13:52 18 Apr 2003

As i do not use AVG i do not know.

  leo49 14:05 18 Apr 2003

I use AVG & ZA on 6 OS's[inc XP & 98] on 2 HDDs without conflict.


  Felix 9115 16:13 18 Apr 2003

Hi Powerless/Leo49

Thanks for your help, have AVG and Zone Alarm set up and running fine on my XP disk.


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