Internal USB Headers - not enough on motherboard

  CLONNEN 08:28 24 Sep 2005

I want to connect an internal Card Reader but the motherboard USB Header is already in use by the two front USB ports.

Do any manufacturers make a PCI expansion card which adds standard 9-pin motherboard usb headers?

All the USB cards I have so far seen all seem to only have internal A-Type USB connections which are no use to my device.

Unless someone knows of an adaptor to change a standard A-Type USB connection to a 9-pin motherboard header.

  Gongoozler 08:58 24 Sep 2005

Hi CLONNEN. I have had exactly the same problem, and came to the same conclusion. One problem with connecting your card reader to the motherboard header is that there is no standard for the pinning, so you may well have to modify the connector. If you get it wrong you could well damage both the card reader and the motherboard! What you can do is get a PCI USB card with an internal conventional USB connector, and a solder-on USB connector for your card reader cable. You can get these connectors quite cheaply. Maplin sell them for 95p click here. If you want a USB card with two internal connectors, have a look at this one click here

  goonerbill © ® 09:21 24 Sep 2005

hi CLONNEN. is this what you are looking for. its in the U.S. but you may find it available in the U.K. now you know what to look for, if its the right thing.

click here

  CLONNEN 09:28 24 Sep 2005

Took a look at the solder-on connectors but didn't understand it at all so I won't be going for that option.

I have found one chap on Ebay who says he has a USB card with two 9-pin headers on it. It is a Soyo card and has been discontinued but the driver for it is still available. I think I shall probably end up buying it because he sent me close-ups of the headers and they do look the same as the one on my motherboard which is currently in use.

  Eric10 09:32 24 Sep 2005

Using the description from the link provided by goonerbill © ® I've found this adapter that looks suitable. click here. Click the small image on the right of the page for a better view.

  CLONNEN 09:37 24 Sep 2005

Thanks Goonerbill but the adaptors you mention only power one internal USB device so I would need to buy two for my 9-pin cable connection and connect to two external USB ports - the computer I am trying to upgrade is an old one which only has two USB ports at the back one of which is currently used by the USB mouse. This would leave me very short of connections at the back of computer and I would like to keep the cables internal if possible.

Of course I could buy an expansion card like described earlier in this thread AND the two cable adaptors. But I think the Ebay chap is probably my best bet.

  Eric10 09:57 24 Sep 2005

Soyo webpage click here.

Brand new item on ebay click here.

  Gongoozler 10:32 24 Sep 2005

Hi CLONNEN. The Ebay card looks just right for what you want, but check the connectors before you plug in. It is particularly important that the 5V and 0V connectors go to the right pins, otherwise you can instantly burn out both the PCI card and card reader.

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