internal SATA DVDRW

  iqs 20:55 24 Nov 2007

Hello again,

A quick question,are internal SATA DVDRW's better then internal IDE DVDRW's ?.

If yes,why please.

Thank you

  ambra4 23:47 24 Nov 2007

This should explain the difference between IDE Drives and a SATA or Serial-ATA drives

The fundamental difference between the two formats is how the data is transferred between the device and the processors.

Traditional ATA devices and controllers use a parallel data transfer mechanism.

Parallel processing is a fairly common technique where multiple channels of data are sent simultaneously to try and increase the amount of data transferred in a single clock cycle.

In the case of the ATA/100 standards used by today's IDE drives and controllers, they send the data across a 16-bit channel.

The problem with this type of mechanism is the number of wire required to transfer that data.

This is why the ATA cables are so wide.

It is necessary to have the 40 or 80 wires required to transfer the data.

The problem with this is the interference caused between these wires.

At higher clock speeds necessary for faster speeds, the interference between the wires is too great to allow for reliable transmission.

Over the last couple of years, many advances have been developed in serial transmission techniques.

Specifically through the development of the Universal Serial Bus interfaces.

Serial transmissions run across a single control channel compared to the multiple channels of a parallel interface.

This means that at the same clock speeds, the serial line will carry less data, but because the serial method requires fewer wires, less interference is generated to cause data integrity problems.

This allows for serial transmission methods to run at much higher speeds than the equivalent parallel methods.

In the case of the first Serial ATA standard, the clock runs at 1500 MHz compared to a clock rate of 50 MHz of the ATA/100 standard.

SATA 1 format has a transfer rate of 150mb/sec SATA II can transfer 300mb/sec.

  iqs 13:08 25 Nov 2007

Hello ambra4,

And thank you for your concise explanation of SATA and IDE.I understood most of the info supplied,a few grey areas,but I now know more then I did yesterday.

Because of you knowledge of this subject,may I ask you another question please?.

I have two IDE drives,DVDRW and DVDROM.I was given a free unused bought in error SATA DVDRW,hense the question.Could I install the new SATA drive,and keep the current IDE DVDRW and DVDROM as well.So I can copy to both the DVDRW's?.Will there be a conflict with two drives which can copy data.

Thank you again for your first reply,and hope to hear from you again.Cheers,IQS

  iqs 17:46 25 Nov 2007


  jimv7 17:56 25 Nov 2007

'Could I install the new SATA drive,and keep the current IDE DVDRW and DVDROM as well'

yes, you can,

'So I can copy to both the DVDRW's?.Will there be a conflict with two drives which can copy data.'

unless you try and burn using both writers at once there will not be a conflict.

  iqs 21:03 25 Nov 2007

jimv7 for your help.Cheers

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