Internal Problem to PC, please help.

  Mad Boy 17:07 20 Jan 2003
  Mad Boy 17:07 20 Jan 2003

Every so often my pc makes this strange clicking noise and freezes. Sometimes i can resolve it, sometimes i tap it on the side of the casing (not good i know) but the majority of the time its a reboot, which 80% of the time doesnt fix the problem. Occasionally when this poblem happens a blue screen appears saying something about cant read C: any unsaved work will be lost. When computer tries to reboot, or start up i get these errors to:

Searching for boot record from FLOPPY... not found

And below this message the same one is repeated but instead of the floppy not being found these arnt aswell. CDROM and the SCSI is not found. Usually have to wait an hour so before retrying and hopefully i can access my pc again. 70% of the time i cant! Im no pro at whats inside my casing for my pc, but it sounds like theres something loose inside. Also when clicking stops i sometimes here something loading up, sounds like a playstation 1 loading when a disk is inserted. Anybody got an idea of whats wrong? Sounds like i need technical help.


  Cuddles 17:26 20 Jan 2003

I would say you have a hard disc that is on its way out or could be a lead has come loose, very difficault to diagnose without seeing it.

  jazzypop 17:27 20 Jan 2003

I would urge you to take it to the nearest small PC repair shop.

There are several possibilities, ranging from a dead fan, a loose cable etc (trivial to fix), up to a dying motherboard or hard drive (easy to fix, but more expensive to replace the parts).

The only way for this forum to help would be to suggest a series of troubleshooting procedures that would involve you examining, removing and replacing internal components. I do not get the impression, from your posting above, that you would be comfortable doing this.

  Mad Boy 17:31 20 Jan 2003

Depends what it is i guess, i would be better of getting someone out to examine it, my uncle deals with pc's although he lives a bit away. Any thanks.

  Mad Boy 17:35 20 Jan 2003

could my cd drive be a problem? i just put a disc in, its not reading it.

  Mad Boy 17:38 20 Jan 2003

Ha, disc just loaded up, mustnt be that

  Paul2003 18:04 20 Jan 2003

My advice is back up all your personal data and anything else you want to keep (create a hard drive image if possible) ASAP and get some1 to look at it for you as I'm guessing hard drive failure is imminent!!

  BlueMeanie 22:40 21 Jan 2003

Looks like the Hard Disk, but check that the fans inside the PC ie on top of the CPU are all spinning OK - could be a overheating problem.


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