Internal modem

  charles60 12:08 14 Feb 2011

I am building my own computer what i would like to know do i need a Internal Modem Card in my build or is there one already installed on the motherboard. Thanks Sorry for the stupid Question

  Jollyjohn 12:25 14 Feb 2011

You will only need an internal modem card if you want to connect directly to the phone line as in the old style dial up connection or if you need to send faxes.
Your internet connection will probably be via a router and it will connect via an ethernet cable.
There are some small modems for broadband connections that can connect via usb but I would avoid them if possible.

  howard64 12:26 14 Feb 2011

If you mean a broadband modem these are normally external to the pc. If you mean an old fashioned dial up modem these can be on a motherboard [a very old one] or you plug a card into a pci slot.

  robin_x 12:32 14 Feb 2011

Can be used for Voicemail/Call recording purposes.
Or in the unlikely event you want to send/receive a fax.
Or dial-up internet access.

Personally I wouldn't bother. If you need any of those can buy add-on later.

  charles60 12:48 14 Feb 2011

Thanks guys one more question if you don't mind. I am with O2 and I am using the router that they supplied sometimes the signal goes just for a second and comes back on again have been told from those who know a bit more than me about routers ( Of which I know Nothing) is to go for the " LINKSYS WRT 54GL Push Button 54Mb broadband wireless router they say its far better than the one that O2 gave me are they right ?

  lotvic 12:56 14 Feb 2011

There will already be a port as part of the motherboard for you to plug the ethernet cable into to connect to the router (sometimes referred to as a LAN (RJ-45) port).

  lotvic 13:02 14 Feb 2011

So what Router did O2 supply you with?

There is a lot of routers out there and each have their own merits. People usually recommend the one they are familiar with and like. (Bit like cars I suppose... ;-))

  charles60 13:15 14 Feb 2011

Its Made by Thomson. also thanks for info about internal modem wont bother with getting one of them now

  onthelimit 13:27 14 Feb 2011

Nothing wrong with Thompson routers.

  961 13:56 14 Feb 2011

If you are having occasional disconnection problems it may help establish what is going on by using a (free) programme which shows stats from your router

click here

I had problems over several years until I discovered that a change of router sorted things out. However, if you look at comparisons between various routers you'll see for yourself how the make of modem chip can make a vast difference

click here

As onthelimit says, there's nothing wrong with Thomson routers and, in fact, I changed from D-Link to Thomson

If you still have a problem it may be time for you to check your micro filters or maybe buy a new faceplate for your master socket which isolates your broadband from the house voice circuits

click here

After all that, if you are still suffering disconnects, it's time to ask your ISP to contact BT to check the line from the exchange to the master socket

Just a word on the advice to buy a Linsky. There are two parts to routers that work with the BT telephone line. Part one is the modem. Part two is the router and its wireless transmissions round the house. Modems still work much the same as ever. Wireless transmissions have improved, and new standards bring advice to use makes that are doing the business. But your disconnects are caused by receiving signals from your telephone wire, and so I don't think Linsky will necessarily help with your current problem

  charles60 14:35 14 Feb 2011

Thanks Guys Its not earth net I was Having With but My wife's wireless connection i downloaded the latest Dell network drivers for her laptop that seemed to not do it so often but it does it now & then> i know when we had the old Thomson Router Which had a single Areal was fine This one we have had only a couple of weeks has 2 aerais is the one that's giving the problem according to the box its the "O2 Wireless Box lV" that's why I was wondering getting a other box I will try a new face box first though from BT. Did spend a long time with O2 and they could not solve the problem and it was much worse then. Its once i had downloaded the latest drives did the wireless connection improve

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