Internal HD and Jumpers

  geoff47 22:31 21 Mar 2009

I was given a working Compaq desktop with Win XP running on it and asked to save and return the Photos on it, which I have done.

I then wanted to format re-install XP for my own use.
After formatting XP refused to install, I forget the exact error other than there was not enough space.
I then noticed it had two HDs, one was loose inside the case, but all was working OK before I started on it.
I have installed Win98 on both drives independently of each other, hoping to then upgrade to XP, but I am getting the same error message.
I now cannot even boot when both drives are connected, although they will separately. I have tried every combination of jumper settings as far as I can see, and even tried to look in the BIOS to see what is happening there, but Compaq have a strange BIOS setup.

Any suggestions would be most welcome, thanks.

  tullie 22:38 21 Mar 2009

I assume that you are booting from the CD?

  geoff47 22:44 21 Mar 2009

Both HD will boot independently, when one alone is connected.
I have tried installing XP on a single disk but they are both too small to accomodate it.
I have not tried booting from the CD when both disks are connected, would that help ?

  DieSse 22:50 21 Mar 2009

The correct settings for two hard drives is

Both on the same cable

One set as Master, the other as slave. Thge Master will be the boot drive.

Note that the setting for many drives as slave is to have no jumper at all - but check on the drive itself.

It makes no difference which drive is on which connector, when there are two drives on the cable.

Preferably use an 80-wire cable - if the drives and motherboard support it, they will transfer faster.

Optical drives go on the secondary cable - at the end connector, as master, if there is only one drive. A 40 wire cable is fine.

  DieSse 22:52 21 Mar 2009

PS - have a look-see on each drive to check if the capacity is stated - it is on all except very old drives.

  geoff47 23:16 21 Mar 2009

When I first opened the PC case I am sure the original HD was set to CS, that is a Seagate HD with the following information which means nothing to me.
6253 CYL 3227 MB 16 Heads 63 Sectors
The other HD is a Fujitsu with no discernable information other than a sticker that says "Replace with Compaq spare 10GB HD" this was the loose drive, shaking about inside the case.

All I wanted was to use the PC for a simple XP stock backup in my shop, it doesn't need to be sophisticated but does need XP.

  DieSse 00:05 22 Mar 2009

If you use CS (Cable select) -

You MUST use an 80 wire cable.

Both drives should be set to CS

The drive on the end connector will be the Master, the drive on the middle connector will be the slave.

Looks like you have a 3.2 GB drive, and a 10 GB drive.

You'll be able to put XP on the 10GB drive, so make that the Master, and the other the Slave. With these old drives, I would prefer to set them specifically to Master and Slave, not to Cable Select.

  geoff47 01:19 22 Mar 2009

I actually tried to install XP on that drive as a stand alone, discarding the other drive as excess to requirements.
It wouldn't install.

Have I missed something here ?
I thought I formatted both drives.......I shall be back.

  geoff47 23:12 23 Mar 2009

I have managed to install XP on my PC which has two HDs. The problem now is that it is so slow.
I have discovered that one disk remains FAT while the one with XP is NTFS.
In my innocence and by stumbling blindly through the install, I assumed both drives were formatted as NTFS and that XP would dwell on both disks.
Is it possible to load one OS across two HDs on one PC ?
If so what should I do next ?

  DieSse 23:57 23 Mar 2009

XP will be on one of the drives only, presumably the larger?

The other can just be used for storage. FAT32 is OK for a small drive. It's perfectly permissible to have one drive with NTFS and the other FAT32.

If it's very slow, that's likely because it's an old system with a slow processor and little RAM. What are they?

You can set up XP for maximum performance via the control panel - that helps a little.

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